19 October 2020

the liberry

dog has been a big help in the catalogization of my liberry, a project which i began a hundred years ago or so in september or something — 1,558 titles, of which around 200 are e-books and pamphlets — all of it now part of a database (readerware) that will sort them all sorts of ways  — i started the exercise when i asked a a neighbor about my homeowner's insurance coverage  —  he made me realize that should the place be destroyed, the liberry would be a huge part of the loss — $40k replacement value, at least  —  anyway it was semi-put-together when i moved in here fifteen years ago, but had become increasingly out of whack, what with additions and subtractions and what not  — i discarded some things that i knew i would never read again, and that freed up significant lineal footage of shelving , and now have everything arranged in a dozen or so categories over eight shelving units —  behind dog here, e.g., are biographies and urban histories in the shelving unit to the left, and an assortment of books on cooking, food, and drink; landscapes, gardens, and horticulture; and a this and that on architecture to the right ---