23 February 2020

the liberry

all of the library has now been cataloged and repositioned into appropriate broad categories; i have as yet not gone so anal as to start alphabetizing the categories --- 1,482 titles (and one on the way), 176 of which are e-books that don't take up shelf space and, in any case, will disappear when the poles reverse --- i've got as much in books as i do in the rest of my stuff combined and should probably up my homeowner's insurance accordingly
mostly non-fiction --- the top two shelves here contain a little fiction, poetry, fables, religion, and what not --- but the rest is history and culture, including histories of hell and shit, and a theory of assholes --- a whole shelf nothing but queers, negros, and indians --- the little narrow stack on the right is all state and local history
books in the other rooms, but not as many --- sooner or later, i will need to cover this wall with shelving ---

my favorite place to be

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Rathayatra said...

The best accomplishment for winter (and rainy days). order among the chaos.