25 November 2019

a mess

dog had his first visit with dr matthews, who was hershey's old vet, a fact she remembered before i could mention it --- all good, except somehow i missed his being under treatment for heartworms --- followup in february will say if that's fixed --- most of the other issues of concern apparently revolve around his being a beagle, i guess ---

he obsesses on the cat's diner, which even before his ass got here has always been elevated above the dogs --- i couldn't figure out how he was getting up on the cat table and scouring the bowls clean --- 

today i caught him in the act: if both doors of the second bathroom are open, he can get a running start and jump, except this time i startled him and he fell off --- little fukr

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Rathayatra said...

he can jump to the table ??? that's amazing.