19 May 2019

special event

the atlanta chamber players at first presbyterian sounded interesting so we went -- good stuff --- hard pews --- i told robt that next time they should do it at a baptist church where there are bound to be nice thick cushions on the pews --- brahms trio for violin, horn, and piano --- and schubert's "trout" quintet for piano and strings --- the brahms wasn't all that, but schubert was good --- i had never spent so much time in the building (w t downing, 1919), which has some tiffany glass  [also too, downing got run over by a streetcar and killed in philadelphia before the building was done]

it was a nice little interlude after a semi-productive week --- typing and what not --- a little more time for the NPS, but not much, which is good --- thanks for the $$$ but it has all reminded me of why i left

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