16 December 2017

a week

i've been stuck, but mcphee's "draft no. 4" gave me a kick: how to turn  mountains of data into something useful ---

i love our city wildlife --- i see the hawks circling nearly every day, and we passed this great blue heron perched on a roof in ansley park yesterday

wasting colony square --- i wish they wouldn't --- it's all so misguided
are they a waste of resources?
surely the last remnants of the snow persons


Unknown said...

I take it you read that review of that work I sent to you? I'm always trying to be a better writer and yes, these days we are swamped with "data" making the separation of the intellectual wheat from the chaff a real chore. Sometimes its even hard to tell them apart.

Anonymous said...

they are the best use of resources.

Unknown said...

That heron shot is amazing! Great Blues have really adapted to urban environments. Up close you can see their similarity to prehistoric creatures.