05 November 2017

"church, after church, after church"

the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul (1846-64) and the mormon temple 2014-16) were across the circle from the hotel --- we went in the former but the latter was closed up tight as a drum ---  

the mormons just finished their temple last year

the arch street presbyterian congregation is almost gone, but a magnificent building (1855) remains
first methodist church in america
the know nothings burned down the catholic churches in 1844 --- this is st augustine's (1848) 

christ church (1727-44), first episcopal church, with an interior dating to the 1770s --- the baptismal font dates to the fourteenth century or some such
the cemeteries were a little disappointing since most of the markers were sandstone, now eroded to illegibility
the best of the churches was gloria dei, the old swedes church, completed in 1700 --- wonderfully intact building