21 November 2016


how did we come to this? i sorta know and i sorta don't --- below is a rant this morning from a cousin ---- for the record, i never called her any names, but just kept asking what she thought of all the racism and what not surrounding trump --- she was also ill, i think, because i sent her little photo albums of the protests i attended

all this frightened, anxious, etc is a bunch of crap. Infuriating to me. Where is American's historic bravery, self confidence, and willingness to give someone a chance.....we used to be a proud, self reliant, strong people...now we have college students who have to go to 'safe spaces' and can't take their classes because of an election....where are we going? Thank Goodness for pickup truck driving, gun toters, someone is going to have to save this country when embracing change multicultrualism welcomed immigrants come to slit their throats, burn them in cages, throw folks off buildings, etc (all the things they're doing right now in other countries)...those folks are going to really cry and wish they had a big strong bully to protect them. Because it's going to take folks who don't cry like babies when they don't get their way to fight folks who want to kill everyone who isn't just like them.....I'm really done with this I am quite disgusted with the whole "I'm so afraid" movement. People in general are convinced that the Boogeyman is going to get them at every turn. That it's a wonderful thing to tell each other the duly elected president to be is Hitler ( but everyone they don't like is Hitler, it's quite overused, and thus carries no meaning, like racist). Let the people do something before you begin the constant bitching and whining. Once again, I'm done with this. You've called me enough names
i should have known better than to try with her at this late date: she has a disabled daughter and still gave trump a pass when he mocked the disabled reporter

then this, which is truly horrifying on so  many levels:

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Anonymous said...

Bravery is speaking up to family , friends, and groups that support Trump. ma called the Trump nominees "shit". this comes from a woman that does not like cussing.