11 December 2015

the pre-georgia frontier. ca. 1717

the two indian villages at 'coochee are both shown (upper left) as being deserted in this 1755 map --- i thought it might have been because of the smallpox epidemic that killed half the cherokee in 1738 --- but maybe that wasn't all --- below is the earliest historical reference to 'coochee that i've yet found, probably dated 1717 ---
In the mean time the Creeks came upon a Town call'd Nogoutchee and Destroyed it, carreing off a abundance of slaves and kill'd most of the Rest of the inhabitance and the next morning before they left the place kill'd three of our Factors in the Path between Chottee and the aforesaid Town they being about a mile asunder.
the creek and cherokee did not like each other much

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