04 December 2014

working and walking

i've had my nose to the keyboard virtually none-stop for the last week but made good progress on the xmas-deadline project --- interesting buildings and i've learned a lot about the beginnings of tennessee, east tennessee especially, that i didn't know before

i would really like to know exactly how old is the cottonwood (a city champion) in front of the academy of medicine --- it's been sad watching it slowly lose its limbs --- each spring i wonder if it's going to leaf out again
blount mansion, original story-and-a-half, hall-and-parlor house built in the mid 1790s and added on to multiple times until it looked more or less like it does today by the end of the war of 1812 --- built by a scoundrel who was governor of southwest territories, one of first tennessee senators, and the first senator to be impeached --- exactly how the house came to be called "mansion" is beyond me, but it's a national historic landmark
across the street from the blount house is the craighead-jackson house, built in 1818, front porch added in the 1880s and other alterations after that --- restored in 1963-1965, using excellent paneling and what not from the poor house below (1790s) that was torn down in 1965

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