17 December 2009

a new big cheese

The Georgia House Republican Caucus has elected state Rep. David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, to succeed Glenn Richardson as the House Speaker. “First of all you’ve made a country boy real happy,” Ralston said in a short acceptance speech after he was elected by secret ballot. “And you’ve honored me and I thank you very much for that.”
i guess everyone is mighty proud up there---it's been a while, if ever, that there's been a speaker from the mountains---but it proves there are bubbas everywhere


Anonymous said...

what a bummer it is for this ignorant fatass ambitious lunkheaded "country boy" to succeed and carry the under-evolved TV-informed ignorant voices of a whole region with him to unite with all those others in other places, so that we can all happily go on with our small-hearted, self-serving, backwards, destructive ways forevermore...(sigh...)
pray for the children...

tomitron said...