26 November 2006


somehow i think i have avoided most substance addiction, which might not really be all that surprising, given the myths about drug addiction---alcohol and a doobie are great, together or seperately, but i don't have to have them to function and i can and sometimes do go for days without either one, especially when i'm traveling---even then i don't get a headache like i get if i go a day without caffeine---oh, but nicotine---i have not had any for going on three years, but last night at a party i came so-o-o close to lighting up---the host had laid out a box, conveniently filled with parliaments, for the guests, most of whom were young 20- or 30-somethings smoking like there was no tomorrow---nothing else has that pull---

only maybe 10-15% of people that use alcohol become addicted, and about the same percentage of pot smokers become "heaviliy dependent," although few claim it is actually addictive---and, believe it or not, way less than half of those that try heroin or cocaine become addicted---but nicotine? some claim near 90% can't put it down---i believe that---

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