03 September 2006

drunken str8 guys

just came up the elevator with some hot str8 guy brad with his girlfriend but he was falling down drunk---he was hugging all over her and then fell right down flat waiting on the elevator in which he continued to be a mess---also on the elevator with us was some poor woman and her pre-pubscent child and their real estate agent, showing them a unit (on 13 floor)---drunken brad started saying something to them about if they were partying or something, but decided it was rude and apologized and, immediately after that, was all about hershey---getting down and pointing at him with both fingers and saying hershey, hershey hershey, and laughing, over and over----i'm sure he's out cold as i write this---i thought it was kinda funny, but not everyone was amused---

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Anonymous said...

How do guys like that get girlfriends in the first place?