29 March 2006

must be spring

event 1----Sunday, late afternoon, sidewalk on 10th just west of myrtle----a roundy-round with hershey and another dog, which provoked comments from the other dog's men people about it being a "butt sniffing sunday" and much laughter all around as we try to keep moving, only to be intercepted as i turn to go by one of another pair of what must have surely been gay homosexuals, one of which leans in to kiss me in the mouth as they walk by---

event 2----an hour later, relaxing in my chair, reveling in the knowledge that someone had actually kissed me, someone not unattractive and decidely younger, whatever his sick and perverted reasons for that blatant display of homosexuality----my arm casually hanging over one arm of the chair, and the dog sniffing at my arm the way a dog will, but then all of a sudden deciding to mount the arm and hunch it, which he has never done before---

event 3---monday night about 9:30---2nd-husband kevin calls me up to say he'll be in town next week, before and after a visit to charlotte to see his folks----

evenr 4---after work, between 5:15 and about 6 i read brokeback mountain (have yet to see the movie)

event 5---i toss and turn the night through with crappy kinda dreams---

conclusion: love's a bitch and we got a fukn aries sunsign going on, although i dont know if that accounts for kevin or the butt-sniffing dogs.

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