07 November 2018


 the serendipitous finds when one is on holiday can be the best --- e.g., the dogs at the museo delores olmedo in xochimilco --- the diego rivera was why we went, but the dogs blew me away --- precolumbian mexican hairless, xoloitzcuintli, or xoxo for short --- delores and rivera both kept them, and i'm betting these are descendants of her own dogs --- they worshiped the bronze xoxo

 and then to go inside, and there is a jaw-dropping collection of pre-columbian ceramic dogs --- the maya, the aztec, they all loved them some dog, clearly --- companions at home or on the hunt, and the puppies stuffed with bananas and sweet potatoes and roaster were dee-licious --- weird dogs, and not exactly cuddly, but supposed to be very friendly, in spite of the roasted puppies

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Anonymous said...

omg, i want to do one. these are so wonderful.