12 November 2018

high-maintenance body parts

rain, rain, rain --- we've already had a couple of inches, and more on the way over the next couple of days --- the lake will be full up after this

i fetched my umbrella and walked up to colony square to see eye doctor #1 this morning and got soaked, so i ubered back home after that and then to and from eye doctor #2 at emory midtown --- bottom line, the replacement lens in my right eye, installed in december 2000, is beginning to crap out like the left one, installed in january 2001, did in 2015 --- more immediate problem is high pressure in the right eye, but little drops each morning is supposed to fix that --- if not it will give them another excuse to mess around with that eyeball

banging my head in mexico city probably didn't help

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Rathayatra said...

Co'mon eyeballs ! Just be ok. so sorry