05 November 2018

kiosk morisco y nova!

as we were riding in from the airport last sunday, we glimpsed this building, with music and people dancing --- the building was the kiosk morisco, a wonderful cast-iron structure designed by engineer José Ramón Ibarrola Berruecos (1814-1925) for use as the mexican pavilion at the the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans in 1884-1885 --- it was dismantled when that exposition closed, but re-constructed for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St Louis in 1904 --- in 1906, it was re-constructed again near Alameda Central, but dismantled and re-constructed a final time in 1901, at its current location in Santa María la Ribera

the dancing was absolutely the best --- the blonde woman at center in the video below was the flashiest, but check out the old guy in the white shirt and his dumpy little wife kicking their heels --- the blonde woman came up afterwards and introduced herself and her partner, who have "danced in a thousand places," including at clothing-optional events in san diego (!) --- she grew up in the neighborhood and said that every sunday afternoon, people of all sorts are there dancing --- the nekkidness aside, she will remain a sweet memory of cdmx

it was one of the best things we saw

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Rathayatra said...

happy dancers are so nice to see. what an intricate pavilion.