04 November 2018

an excellent excursion

we stumbled into mexico city's celebration of día de reyes in january, but came back intentionally for dia de muertos --- a syncretism of aztec and catholic traditions, the holiday has been listed by unesco as part of "the intangible cultural heritage of humanity" --- one feels the weight of john calvin and his ilk on our own culture

the fitbit claims that we walked about 55 or so miles over six days, but it got off to a somewhat poor start when i stumbled across a big fat street bollard and fell over --- no, i had not been drinking, just ogling the architecture and what not, but i got a nice knot on my head, big-ass bruise on my thigh, and that eye turned kinda black the next day --- that's about the 106th time i've busted my head hard enough to make a knot, including twice impacting a car windshield  --- the incident got robert off

six days away from these guys was just about too long, so it's good to be back home ---

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Rathayatra said...

hooray ! reunited.