13 December 2018

happy holidays!

thinking about being in california for new years eve

10 December 2018

the dog pound

if i needed a dog right now, i would take this little man home --- two  yrs old, got picked up by the real dog pound under unknown circumstances, but managed to get himself taken to the humane society --- he's just waiting now

ellie mae was very glad to get outside and then wanted to play when we got back in --- she came from south georgia somewhere

gulliver is around ten years old and a mellow old sweet pie --- also from south georgia --- i love them all

09 December 2018

bow wow wow

this is hickory, about six months old, been at the pound for a week, and just thoroughly freaked out about the whole thing --- he's got a nice raised bed like the rest of the dogs, but just cowers on top of a drainage grate in a little alcove at the back of his unit --- i walked him a little bit yesterday, but he was awfully skittish --- couldn't quit thinking about him laying on that grate, so i took some towels over today for a nest and gave him a short walk until he freaked at a clanging trash can --- got him back inside and i sat down on the floor with him and scratched behind his ears for a while, for which i think he was most appreciative --- i don't think he'll stay there long

08 December 2018

back to the pound

finally got my training in their dog-walking routine and a good orientation to a lot of other things that i wasn't sure about --- walked a couple of dogs, one so askeered she had to be coaxed out of her pen, the other so exuberantly glad to be out of his that he almost had me on the ground --- i may stay with the smaller ones --- i forgot to photograph them

got my volunteer t-shirt and they've ordered the monogrammed apron, so i guess i'm official now --- i've felt a little awkward when i've been out there, not knowing quite what to do --- now i can go anytime, look at the big board to see when each pup has been walked, pick one that needs it, and take it out --- i

07 December 2018

time for manuels

i was sitting across the table waiting on my veggie burger when mr tavern man took this image of the daily special --- michael said it was good

and in other news, frank is now fran, which is a fairly big shock to those who worked with him/her at nps

04 December 2018

an excursion

guinness and i met a crew from channel 11 at the hart cemetery this afternoon --- they're doing one of their "mystery places" segments or something like that --- will air in february --- i hope dog makes the cut, in spite of his trying to wet the camerman's tripod as soon as we got there

and also too the zygopetalum burst into bloom today --- joining the chocolate oncidium and the dendrobium, also in bloom, with the space man oncidium on the verge --- it is really fine that orchids are at their best over the winter

02 December 2018