21 January 2020

remind to quit posting nothing but dog pictures

cold day in georgia

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

20 January 2020

square pegs and round holes

sometimes, for planning purposes, i rehearse a scenario in my addled mind, just to see what it feels like — e.g., what would happen if i took the little shit back to the beagle pound? i'm not gonna do that, but i kinda feel sorry for him sometimes when he's pacing around looking out the windows — he drinks massive amounts of water, which has to go somewhere, and when it happens inside, it is no minor puddle — if i take him out every 3 hours, he's ok, but, law me, ain't nobody got time for that — nevertheless, because he's so stupid sweet otherwise, i guess i am just resigned to doing it and being glad to feel very well exercised all the time as a result --- we don't call him kuntry kenny for nothing

18 January 2020

wasted days and wasted nights

i am doing other than generating endorphins by looking at this shit --- typing and what not, but nothing really comparable

13 January 2020

kuntry kenny

he's been into the cat food twice today already, when i forgot and left the chair too close to the cat table, but he is relentless and never fkn quits --- same thing out on the streets, always dreaming of sidewalk chicken bones at every turn, which makes him a much better walking companion away from the restaurants and the qt and what not --- except at arabia mountain the other day when he got all het up for the scent of a rabbit or something and dragged me all over the mountain

he also drinks an enormous amount of water (the vet found no issues that might provoke that --- maybe he's just doing it for his health) --- i need to actually time how long he can stand with his leg up, if i don't actually get around to capturing a precise measurement of fluid, because it is a very long time

on the other hand, he loves every person and every dog he meets and fkn loves the dog park, which guinness never cared for --- at 40 lbs he goes in the big dog park, which makes him the runt, but he doesn't care --- running around tussling with the big dogs and now and then starting into one of his hound-dog baying episodes --- "where's the rabbit?" 

and maybe best of all, he and dex have gone beyond simple toleration to friendship, such as that exists between cats and dogs

i thought dex was a cozy creature to have around, but this little shit is just as good, and better inasmuch as there is more body heat involved --- dog wants nothing more than to be up close and personal, just don't wake him abruptly or he will be snappy

also too he doesn't get rank, until about three months --- i washed him the other day --- he's been in a tub before i guess so it went purty well

all in all, he is an excellent dog