21 March 2018

the little things

a minor miracle: in about two hours this morning, i went down to the dmv on whitehall street to get my driver's license renewed (old people have to go in and take an eye test) and got an emissions inspection, oil change, and car wash --- oh, and i reset the car clock to the stupid daylight savings time --- god only knows when the kitchen clock will reset itself, which it will do, eventually

but it's cloudy, in the 30s, and windy as hell (the tail end of the fourth nor'easter to hit the northeast in the three weeks) --- wish it was like this picture from a few days ago

17 March 2018

late, late winter

bonsai society show at atl bot gdn, which was purdy good --- orchid sale was a dud --- but i got all the plants back out on the balcony

15 March 2018

p'tree and seventh

too bad we won't be able to view it from the roof of the dakota --- i'm not sure how the street-level view is gonna work out

12 March 2018


out and about

i walked downtown and back to have lunch with ms byrd --- always nice to keep up with her, and to have the opportunity to walk up and down peachtree street

11 March 2018

the sky is falling!

a noisy start to a sunday morning ---- cops closing down peachtree and then this roar ---  i had forgotten about the scheduled replacement of hvac equipment on the roof of the south tower --- 

09 March 2018

john in a box

donald planned a good funeral for john --- the balloons got away before they were supposed to, not unlike john from time to time

good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

08 March 2018

06 March 2018

life goes on . . .

"a glooming peace this morning with it brings; the sun, for sorrow, will not show his head ----"

05 March 2018

john hoard --- 30 nov 1950 - 5 mar 2018

we had our ups and downs, but i had no better friend in the world --- i got a big ol' hole in my life right now

03 March 2018

end times redux

so he rallied for a while but he's now back in a coma ---- at least they got him home ---- donald has made all the arrangements for home hospice care --- poor him

meanwhile we watch and wait

28 February 2018

frogs and orchids

we checked out orchid daze sunday --- it wasn't all that, but we got there early on a rainy morning, so it was great to have it more or less to ourselves

end times

yesterday, i really thought he was a goner and spent this morning drafting an obit, only to have donald text me that "he's awake" --- and hungry --- i got to spend a few hours sitting with him, although there wasn't a whole lot of conversation --- it's a temporary respite, i know, but still . . . .

26 February 2018

sin título

this oncidium is the best, and most spectacular since i killed the jon memorial cattleya

i'm reading a bio of einstein --- best quote so far:  "the strange thing about growing old is that the intimate identification with the here and now is slowly lost"

14 February 2018

12 February 2018

the winter garden

the orchidaceae have not disappointed this season --- if the sun would ever come out, i could take some decent pitchers --- more anon

27 January 2018

what am i leaving out?

after a couple of distressing interactions this week with people i care about, i've been thinking about the different sorts of people who have put us here in trumpistan and, for a start, came up with: money grubbers; religious zealots; racists, nativists, and white supremacists; and inexplicably dumb people