17 June 2018

14 June 2018

we have screwed ourselves

flower power

an excellent evening walking the garden with poor disemployed robert --- i think flowers always improve one's spirits

11 June 2018

pot in the city

old white guy with the dog, walking up p'tree sidewalk
three young af-am guys sitting on the patio at sweet nut
old guy glances at them and one of them asks, "you want some marijuana?"
old guy sez, "no, i've got some"
young guy sez, "that's why i love the atl"

walking and talking

another great streets event --- marietta st from five points to howell mill and on to chattahoochee ave --- we walked back, too, so it was a nearly seven-mile hike

after we got home, robt told me that pike had laid off him and nine other people --- all of those who had been there a while, were paid more, etc. --- fkrs get a massive corporate tax break, and this is what they do

07 June 2018


an excellent evening for cocktails in the garden with two of my most favorite humans

06 June 2018

reconstructing midtown

 i wish i had been a better photographer and more methodical in taking the images --- i miss seeing kennesaw mountain on the horizon and a glimpse of the downtown connector

05 June 2018

blooming everywhere

the wildflowers, especially along the coast, were wonderful, nevermind all the domesticated rhodadendron and roses that were absolutely spectacular

california is a dangerous place

i think this stampede references a place and not a particular hazard --- however, twisty-ass roads, rock slides, plague, tsunami, bears, and boiling mud all warranted warning signs --- earthquakes, wildfires, and rattlesnakes didn't but were potential hazards along the way nonetheless ---

donner pass

after a night in red bluff, i hooked up with the volcano highway, 89, and drove through the sierra to truckee and donner pass --- no snow at all but beautiful country

the site of the donner party's camp over the winter of 1846-1847

donner lake from donner pass

nevada city

last on my volcanic tour, sutter buttes are remnants of an eroded volcano that juts up out of the sacramento valley --- reminded me a little of shiprock in new mexico in being faintly visible from many locations ---