21 November 2017

fall follies

they wasted the georgia dome yesterday morning --- by my count it was atlanta's fourth demolition of a major sports arena, representing who knows how many billions of dollars, much of it public money --- cracker stadium (1923-1966), atlanta-fulton co stadium (1965-1996), the omni (1972-1997), and the dome (1996-2017)

14 November 2017

maintaining the unit

big room, kitchen, and office painted --- a slightly warmer white, with an eggshell finish on the walls and semigloss woodwork --- replaced the cheap-ass brushed aluminium door sets with cheap-ass nickle finish sets in a somewhat prissy design --- alterations to office shelving, and lighting improvements --- as was the case on sinclair avenue, my place always looks best after dark

12 November 2017

11 November 2017


it's too early for xmas, but not too early for spectacular light and sound in the garden after dark --- the tree canopy walk is simply spectacular --- only comparable i can think of is the fremont st experience in vegas, but without rock n roll ---

05 November 2017

things from olden times

robt hadn't seen the carlos, and i never mind going back, if for nothing else but to root around in one of the city's best book stores --- all in all, it's my favorite atlanta museum i think --- the art of the americas is really wonderful, especially the incan stuff ---

"church, after church, after church"

the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul (1846-64) and the mormon temple 2014-16) were across the circle from the hotel --- we went in the former but the latter was closed up tight as a drum ---  

the mormons just finished their temple last year

the arch street presbyterian congregation is almost gone, but a magnificent building (1855) remains
first methodist church in america
the know nothings burned down the catholic churches in 1844 --- this is st augustine's (1848) 

christ church (1727-44), first episcopal church, with an interior dating to the 1770s --- the baptismal font dates to the fourteenth century or some such
the cemeteries were a little disappointing since most of the markers were sandstone, now eroded to illegibility
the best of the churches was gloria dei, the old swedes church, completed in 1700 --- wonderfully intact building

01 November 2017

philadelphia 3

we just glimpsed the south end of fairmount park, but went inside lemon hill (1800-01), which was a purty cool site in spite of the fact that the colonial dames sold off all the furnishings a few years back, and now the remaining outbuilding is falling into ruin  --- robert was underwhelmed by the waterworks, which i thought were really wonderful, and we didn't take the time to see the museum, saving it for next time --- thus was the second day, more or less, minus the cocktails on the roof of the hotel

devils race course, west palisades