09 December 2017

winter wonderland redux

round two of the snow event came overnight and going on at daybreak this morning --- light fluffy snow coating branches and everything else --- i took guinness for a turn around the block and then took off by myself for a morning roaming the park and beltline --- 4.6" here in midtown, which was the most in twenty-five years --- a whole lot more a little further north --- really really nice

winter wonderland

the earliest winter storm i remember, starting out slow, and then just kept on --- a lot melted yesterday afternoon, but it still made for a winter wonderland as i roamed the park after dark

08 December 2017

snow day

an excellent day sitting at my desk and watching our little surprise snow event --- dexter rushed out on the balcony every time i opened the door --- he likes snow --- slippin and sliding a little walking the dog, but it'll be worse tomorrow since more will fall overnight --- hope i don't fall over and break something --- 

03 December 2017

gingko leaves and the full cold moon

purty great full cold moon (left), producing a moon dog (center) --- alien space ship at upper right

01 December 2017

things i forgot to post yesterday

wednesday i spent the morning waiting to get dismissed from jury duty, then the pleasure of lunch with an old nps friend --- it was also the fifth anniversary of iris' death ---

30 November 2017

orchidian success

this little unit from the oncidium alliance began opening day before yesterday --- some of the blossoms measure 10" long --- two stems, a dozen blossoms on each, the best it's ever done --- 

28 November 2017

peak fall

margaret's leaves are rocking!
this red-tail hawk flew back and forth across the trail at the river, then sat on this limb until i got bored and left --- i hope he found the rodent for which he was looking

27 November 2017

winter is coming

my succulents are at their best right now --- as are the fall leaves all round

the other side of town

showed robt the westside beltline trail yesterday, all 6 miles of it --- one of the best things about it are the big trees along the way --- the white oak et al were at the peak of their fall flush --- like the east side trail was in its early days, the westside trail is not yet thronged, but there were significantly more walkers, runners, and what not than when i walked it in late september --- best trail feature: the coarse granite band used as a center line --- the eastside trail needs a retrofit 

25 November 2017

post-holiday snoozing

the socializing on t'giving cut severely into dog's naptime (dex greeted everyone, nodded, and went back to napping) ---

last minute ticket to hear the symphony and chorus do verdi's requiem --- an aisle seat made for perfection
robt had never seen morgan falls dam or hyde farm, so me and dog took him out there yesterday --- we had planned to go to gold branch, but the parking lot was packed ---