12 October 2019

the dog

as of today, he's been here a week, made himself right at home, and put my life back together, as it were --- first ride in the car today was flawless so there will be many more 

10 October 2019


arranging delivery of one's new fridgidaire, which is actually a kitchenaide, to metropolis is a pain in the ass, what with coordinating best buy's stupid delivery schedule and freight elevator reservations here, which, mysteriously, are not automatically tied to loading dock reservations --- first world problems --- the new phone camera takes a nicely distorted real-estate-agent image of my kitchen

next up: a new mattress

meanwhile, the dog is adjusting to a new place, new people, and what not --- he purty much likes all people and all dogs, in addition to the urnge cat

excellent fall weather at last --- 58 feels brisk in the morning, and low 70s is just right for the evening

it takes effort, but one can put the awfulness of trumpistan aside from time to time and remember what life is all about: new fridgidaires and puppy dogs

08 October 2019

war games

the detente with the cat has quickly evolved into war games i guess --- last night they decided to play hide-and-seek in the bedroom, but that's ok i guess:  it means they like each other

06 October 2019


because dex is the best of all possible cats (except for the gimpy ear), establishing detente with the new dog took less than 24 hours --- dog slept snuggled up against me and for a little while this morning, dex dook up the other side --- i couldn't ask for it to go any better

05 October 2019

meet kenny!

once again, i have a dog snoring at my feet ---- dex is not thrilled with the situation, but he'll adjust --- 

03 October 2019

dog: take IV

dex is in for a surprise --- i talked to the beagle-rescue person this afternoon, and kenny is ready to go --- I'll see him saturday morning ---  I decided that i needed dog more than the plush tickets for the soccer match on sunday, so robt and doug are going, and i'm staying home with the used dog ---

like guinness, he got lost and picked up by animal control, so it might take a little time for him to adjust --- but i've got a month at least where he can be by my side, using trips to the grocery store to see how he does by himself --- in the meantime, we're gonna do some walking, dog!

this ought to work out for everybody --- even if it's not all goodness and light between the cat and the dog on saturday, I'll have a good idea about whether or not they'll ever tolerate each other, which is kinda the minimum standard

01 October 2019

may you live in interesting times

finally, they initiated impeachment proceedings on his sorry ass, and it was like a great weight was lifting --- there is a long way to go before we're rid of him, but this is a beginning --- i no longer dread waking up in trumpistan with no way out

also too i've been binge watching sixteen hours of ken burns' take on country music, so that the misses kidd escorted me to a "night of georgia music" at symphony hall was really fine --- i had heard of robt mcduffie for decades but was blown away as he turned his 1735 violin into a spectacular fiddle --- i need to go to more musical events

funeralizations sometimes provide the opportunity to interact with cousins one actually cares about and take awkward photographs of them

and on top of impeachment and what not, i have the prospect of a new boon companion --- 5+ yrs old beagle --- i'm trying to work out the logistics for getting him here --- he may hate me or the cat or the elevator or vice versa, but if not i'm ready to walk the dog

21 September 2019

i've seen a million people today

another fine afternoon with atl utd, 3-1 over the san jose earthquake --- an excellent match, except for josef injuring himself somehow and getting toted out on a stretcher

and i had to check out the tenth annual beltline lantern parade, but laura mercy at the people, including herds of small children --- some sections of the trail smelled entirely like an open bar ---

i quit the parade early --- i was kinda overdosed on people, and anyway i got in more than enough steps


the biggest trees left in midtown were all planted in somebody's front yard, a hundred years ago, when it was a developing residential neighborhood --- i've loved this southern red oak across the street and was sad to see how poorly it leafed out this spring --- over the last few weeks, entire limbs have died --- rotten from high up on the trunk, i'm surprised it hasn't blown over already --- i don't expect to see it alive next spring

19 September 2019

atl bot gdn cool

finally, we're having a brief taste of fall, making a choice evening at the garden

ad astra

seems like a lot of my high school teachers are checking out, with "mister roy" and "miss thomas" being the latest --- leonard roy died about a month ago --- a wonderful man, known for being a sharp dresser --- and, i figured out later, one of a trio of committee  members on the faculty at headland  high school
barbara ann thomas died a couple of weeks ago --she was a feisty woman, with a reputation for throwing erasers at you if you got the answer wrong or whatever --- the only thing she ever threw at me was my final exam, and laughed, for having aced it --- a notoriously tough teacher but she made me love geometry, which was one of the only branches of mathematics for which i had any sense at all ---

15 September 2019

gotta keep looking

angus, 5+ yrs old, sweet dog, 44 lbs, same weight as the guinnett hound, only with a lot more leg --- i went over there once, just looking, but then decided to go back and try him out --- sheds like a sonuvabitch and got adopted once and returned cuz he bit somebody --- oh, angus

so many needy dogs, like this one, 11+ yrs old, and just wants to go home --- if i weren't totally certain that she would ruin dex's dotage, i woulda brought her home

i told robt yesterday that i might oughta move to the country and devote myself to rescuing dogs and growing beans and squash and weed and what not --- but i probly won't do that

still dogless

the assholes got trounced by columbus, 3-1 --- shoulda been 2-1, but miles scored one for the other team, dammit --- i did not know that was possible, but i think he got a little confused and thought he was at the other end of the field