16 August 2018

15 August 2018

me and my holiday

i haven't felt worth a shit for a couple of weeks and today woke up with nausea like i haven't had much except in the run-up to the heart event after new orleans --- and feeling light-headed, ennervated, and what not --- martha to the airport anyway, zoomed thru security in 5 min, got to the gate, and a few minutes before boarding, chickened out and canceled the trip --- i have full physical already scheduled for next week, so i'll see what it shows up, and ask doc again about the efficacy of the pile of pills i take every day --- re. the hart, i thought that they fixed everything that needed fixing in december, which adds to my confusion

but i have my nitroglycerin, so i oughta just tough it out and go, i guess

14 August 2018


kaskaskia, illinois, was a big deal 200 years ago, but the river moved east, and although it's still in illinois, it's on the west side of the river --- since i'm going as far as ste genevieve anyway, i need to check it out, just for the flatness

triumph and tragedy

the miltoniopsis is reblooming for me! it's got a funky fragrance, but great, long-lasting blossoms

on the other hand, i guess i've killed the mad palm and the jade, although I haven't given up on them yet --- too much water from me and/or the weather

12 August 2018

st louis!

another new american city for me --- and first time in missouri, too --- i remain sad that they tore down all of french st louis in the 1930s to create the gateway arch (1947), comparable to demolishing the entire french quarter in nola --- within a few months, new orleans passed landmark zoning legislation to protect and preserve the french quarter ---- anyhoo, st louis still has great architecture (louis sullivan!) and fine parks and cemeteries and what not all over

a day in st genevieve (ca 1740), a national historic landmark district 65 mi south of st louis, oughta rock my world --- too many historic structures to shake a stick at, and a lot of them 18th c --- plus a bit closer to new madrid and the ever-present chance of a major earthquake, as in 1811-12, which was right after the great comet freaked everybody out --- it would have been swell to have witnessed all of that

and i will finally see cahokia, the center of the mississippian culture (etowah, ocmulgee, etc) a thousand years ago, and site of largest earthen structure north of mexico --- a thousand years ago its population was as large as 40,000, twice that of london --- it's one of 23 UNESCO world heritage sites in the usa --- just piles of dirt now, but still . . .  i like piles of dirt

for whatever reason, travel has not appealed to me of late --- but john is still dead and dog is healed, and god knows i need the diversion, as it were, so imagoin --- like this week

09 August 2018

i go out walking . ...

the last couple of days i've amped up my walking by leaving dog at home so i can really walk --- 3+ non-stop mi yesterday , 4 + mi today, which is not all that, but is better than i have been doing

dog days

i have been so loving the weather this summer, because i know how lucky we've been for several years now in avoiding the wicked hot weather everywhere else in the world ---

sliding through august

it's definitely still summer (although we have had many that were far worse), but not too early to dream of fall

07 August 2018

dog destitched

dog got his stitches taken out this morning, ending our little tumor-eradication program for the time being --- he did very well, helped along by the luxury i had of being with him 24/7, so i never made him wear the big inflatable collar I got him, much less the plastic cone of shame furnished by the vet

04 August 2018

bubbles and stitches

dextrudalous is fascinated with the bubbles

meanwhile the stitched-up dog is recovering nicely

03 August 2018

"religious freedom task force"

what a fukn stupid idea

30 July 2018

tumorous guinness

this big ol' honker "growth" began to grow on guinness' leg last year, but having determined it was not cancerous, and not bothering him, we left it alone until last friday --- it was just getting too big and ugly looking --- he also had a knot on his back and a weird little growth on his right front paw --- now all of those are gone, and he's got eight stitches --- but he's handling it way better than I expected, and not even needing all of the pain meds they sent home with him --- another week or so and the stitches can come out

plus the vet bill stayed in three figures

27 July 2018

ends of the world

three or four years ago, i read craig childs's house of rain: tracking a vanished civilization across the american southwest, which was an excellent read and I still think a great introduction to the anasazi, or ancestral pueblo, and the natural world in which they lived --- now he's just published  atlas of a lost world: travels in ice age america ---  he is a little much sometime, but i really like his writing and how he combines what he sees as a naturalist with archaeology and genetics and what not

gave the first plausible explanation that i've heard for why the oldest archaeological site in the americas is in southern chile --- and a wonderful travelogue along the eastern shores of the pacific

kanaan bausler made the entire trip from alaska to monte verde by kayak and bicycle, and did it in a couple of years

We have speculated that the same traits that may be selected for in individuals with a DRD4 7R allele also may predispose behaviors that are deemed inappropriate in the typical classroom setting and hence diagnosed as ADHD. In this environmental-mismatch hypothesis (Hartman 1993; Jensen et al. 1997), the DRD4 7R subset of individuals diagnosed with ADHD is assumed to have a different, evolutionarily successful behavioral strategy, rather than a disorder. It is also possible, however, that DRD4 7R, although selected for in human populations, could have deleterious effects when combined with genetic variants in other genes. (Wang et al. 2004)

16 July 2018

treason in real time

although i could not bear to watch the whole thing

14 July 2018

things and what not

to the wilds of buckhead last night for our monthly meeting of the 106 club --- purty intense building up in there --- purty people, too, but i didn't take their picture --- oh, and good food, too
this is the best car i've seen on p'tree st in a while ---
 sez "no redemption" on the back of his jacket --- hmph

 i almost never go to the monthly scott's antique show or anything like it (been there, done that kind of thing), and if i do i don't buy anything --- today i got het up to go to scotts, which brought me to this object, which i acquired for $15 and will give me pleasure in viewing and use for many years to come

11 July 2018

for the antiquarian

this ad is from barnwell's city directory for atlanta in 1867 --- so wonderfully simple in the graphic design

city directories can be a time suck but you discover little nuggets: e.g., i never knew until just now that boulevard was called "rolling mill street" in 1870 --- i've always wondered why "boulevard" didn't have a name or at least an indefinite article attached to it --- my grandmother had a special way of saying "boo-lee-vard"