17 September 2017

what's high in the middle and round at both ends?

i'm looking forward to seeing the south side of ohio ---

15 September 2017


 the zygopetalum is rocking out right now --- with a nice spicy aroma
and this monument to our national disgrace, which was installed in a new sidewalk on p'tree at 7th within a few days of the election, continues to give joy
juniper and seventh will look a lot better when they cover up the parking deck

14 September 2017

waiting on godot

dex has in fact moved from the houndstooth pillow over the last few days, but always returns --- a place refuge until the sun comes out again

i've been kinda bummed lately, for no particular reason, except that i can't just pick up and go somewhere anytime i feel like it, what with guinnett and dex  and all --- but with robt's assistance with the boys, i'm gonna check out southern ohio next week: Cincinnati, Columbus, Chillicothe, and the ancient ohio trail --- i haven't seen enough of the midwest --- small town and rural ohio will look different from all down in here, including much better architecture from all eras

11 September 2017

irma again!

a great image of the storm from the intl space station! robert's sisters in st pete survived the night with electrical power, etc, intact ----
last night

three or four transformers have blown and lightning struck near 8th and cypress, giving me sight and unmitigated sound --- wind has gotten the windows creaking, but except for the lightning, nothing really skeery --- a whole lot of rain

at some point the fda went to its noisy-ass generator which, after four or five hours is really annoying


10 September 2017


really big weather for atlanta: first-ever tropical storm warning for tomorrow, and the outer cloud bands are already rolling up from the southeastern horizon --- everything is off the deck, and we'll probably be ok except for minor wall leaks, and barring damage from wind-driven projectiles

but on a flowery note, the zygopetalum efflorescences started opening today, and the dendrobium and oncidicum in the background are not far behind

09 September 2017

beltline lantern parade

one of the best events of the year in the city, imho --- from a few hundred for the first parade in 2010, now tens of thousands --- atlanner doesn't do mardi gras very much, but back-to-back lantern parade and dragon*con make up for that

08 September 2017

big weather!

hurricane irma is making a mess of the west indies, and about to do over florida, too --- and now we're in the crosshairs with a crazy forecast loopty-loop track over north georgia  for early next week --- 6-9" rain, 40-50 mph sustained winds, gusting to 70 --- wheee!

06 September 2017

i'm over it

i have again spent too much of recent nights tossing and turning about what trump and the republicans are doing to the country, and to the world --- thinking of the hundreds of thousands of immigrant children and young people whose lives have been turned upside down by trump's stupid move on the dreamers, of his ongoing ruination of the epa and most of the rest of the federal government, of his war-mongering, of his enabling of white supremacists and religious fanatics, and of the craven hypocrisy of congressional republicans who allow it all to continue --- i am sure that any friends and most of my relatives (especially those who style themselves "christian") who voted for and continue to support trump and the republican party must be thrilled by their part in saving us from a woman who was so careless with her email --- fukity fuk fuk fuk --- yes, alexis and pam and mike and debbie and rosalyn and all the rest, i do in fact take it very personally --- even though i might be able to hide my gay if i wanted to, i feel like i have an idea about how jews felt when they watched their long-time gentile friends desert them when push came to shove in nazi germany --- i thought that was the case with "family" in 2004 when the republicans were flogging the anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendments, but i guess i hoped it was part of a learning curve --- apparently it was not ---

04 September 2017


we took one last turn through the hotels this afternoon, dazed lines at the checkout desk, others still showing their thing --- a really great, long weekend, like a holiday somewhere else without having to do more travel than walk a lot --- the stupid fitbit recorded 44.57 miles in 102,588 steps ---

unexpected: plushies patterned after all sorts of communicable diseases and what not, including e.coli at left
it was really hard to believe the array of stuff displayed by the dragon*con vendors ---

03 September 2017

dragon*con, cont'd, redux, etc

really just too much --- the parade crowd yesterday was enormous --- the crush of people a little skeery sometime, but what a spectacle --- an urban version of burning man

sanitation trucks blocked roads around the perimeter for the parade -- a welcome if slightly sad precaution

i would not have chosen to spend an hour this afternoon at dragoncon's vintage vogue fashion show --- since i don't watch teevee much or look at cartoons at all and almost never go to the movies, most of the references were lost on me ---

the sign on the left offers some perspective