22 June 2017


for all practical purposes, the 'coochee project is done --- i sent them what should be, but probably won't quite be, the final draft a couple of days ago and got all my notes and digital files in order yesterday --- the editor is relentless, however, so there'll be some details, but after almost two years, it shan't rule my life any longer ---

all in all, it's been a real privilege and a blast to do --- the project came along at the perfect time for me, and with the time and the absence of any real profit motive, although i was paid, i was able to do the kind of site history i've always wanted to do, literally from the ground up --- and did it for what has always been one of my favorite places in the state

the valleys are at the very upper edge of the piedmont, in the shadow of the blue ridge --- humans have moved through the area for 10,000 year and have lived there and cultivated the rich bottom lands along the upper reaches of the chattahoochee river for 2,000 years --- despite tales to the contrary, desoto did not pass through in the sixteenth century, but the sorry history of our treatment of the cherokee nation was acted out in full in these valleys --- sautee, nacoochee, and chota were all in ruins by the 1790s and after the war of 1812, the cherokee were entirely displaced by white farmers from north carolina ---

a few of new residents were made rich when gold was discovered on nearby dukes creek in 1828, but prospectors nearly ruined many of the surrounding hillsides in their quest for gold --- after the civil war descendants of slaves, many of whom had been miners, coalesced into one of rural northeast georgia's few african-american communitiestill in existence today ---

in the early twentieth century, industrial logging ruined much of what the prospectors had missed, exhausted the supply of timber, and moved on, leaving behind a derelict mill town named helen in the next valley ---

by the mid-twentieth century, the forests, and wildlife, were returning, thanks in large part to the national forest service --- the rebirth of helen as a faux alpine village in 1969 and the demand for second homes has made difficult the conservation of the rural landscape of the valleys  --- they are encompassed by two national register historic districts, and this history is a small part of the efforts of the sautee nacoochee community association, with whom i contracted the work, to maintain their scenic beauty and historical integrity

it is not clear what i will do next

17 June 2017


everybody is posting all their daddy pictures for father's day --- the rocking-chair j.c. is one of the few positive images of him that i have --- taken before i was born --- father's day means different things to different people ---

peaches and shrooms

an exceptionally warm winter and a late freeze reduced the state's peach crop by 80% this year --- these were being sold as georgia peaches at the piedmont park market this morning, but who knows if they really are --- 


the last few days have brought excellent skies and storms -- even caught a lightning strike, but it was distorted a little from being caught while i was taking a panorama

15 June 2017

dc-6 and home


just about done with the tourist thing, but saw what little bit of the capitol they let you in these days --- then air & space and national gallery --- 

a great american



a whole gob of people got up sunday morning for the equality march --- tens of thousands --- some small amount of satisfaction in giving the white house the finger as we went by

spent a little time in natural history museum, the rocks being particularly wonderful --- meteorite cross-sections, the permean-triassic boundary (!), oldest rock in the world, unbelievable crystals, etc etc ---

 from rocks to butterflies