22 August 2017

boston at last!

i saw a lot, and hit most of the high points, including the damn freedom trail, but there really is too much to take in --- still, i have a sense of the city that i didn't have before, and i will always look forward to a return visit

other graveyards

boston's memorial to the great hunger in ireland (1845-1852), that killed a million people and drove another million to emigrate, mostly to america

four blocks away is the new england holocaust memorial --- a series of very tall glass panels engraved with numbers representing the millions who died in the nazi concentration camps in the 1930s and 1940s --- the last night i was in town, some asshole broke one of the panels, the second time the memorial has been vandalized this summer --- 17 yr old quickly apprehended

burying grounds

the cemetery at king's chapel (1749) dates to 1630 and was the city's first --- a couple of blocks away is the granary cemetery, which was opened in 1660 --- both cemeteries are replete with images of death --- the five men killed in the boston massacre are buried in a single tomb near the granary cemetery entrance --- graves of three signers of the declaration of independence, mother goose, and other luminaries are buried there too --- isaiah rogers designed the wonderful egyptian-revival entrance, completed 1840


underwhelmed --- the only way to see the houses was as part of a large group tour, which meant very little time to look at the building --- nice gardens at peacefield, including 200-year-old lilac

the gardner

the isabella stewart gardner museum was every bit as spectacular as i had been led to believe it would be --- the eccentric creation of a wealthy patron of the arts displayed in a four-story building (1903) designed in the style of a renaissance palazzo, with the galleries opening to a magnificent glass-covered courtyard, one of the first of its kind in the country ---

the museum was also hosting a temporary exhibit, listen hear: the art of sound, which included bug and frog sounds in the courtyard --- philip beasley's sentient veil was made from fabric, led lights, glass, and acoustic resonators triggered by movement in the room --- really nice

21 August 2017

the country

it was a little warm for a walk from harvard square to mt auburn (established 1831) and back, with a stop at the longfellow house (1759, 1797)--- but worth it
the sphinx is inscribed:

american union preserved
african slavery destroyed
by the uprising of a great people
by the blood of fallen heroes

i could have spent many more hours roaming around mt auburn


 over 4,000 glass flowers, by leopold and rudolf blaschka --- truly awesome work

the skeletons and what not were sad and amazing at the same time


 for the first time since 1917, a total solar eclipse has crossed the lower 48 coast to coast , from oregon to south carolina --- 97.3% eclipse on my balcony, which was purty special --- the changes in the light are really indescribable, except through reference to altered states of mind ---

we will look forward to 8 april 2024 for the next one visible across the eastern u.s. --- a viewing from newfoundland might be a nice goal

20 August 2017


everyone said i had to go to mike's for canoli --- hmph ---  

old north church memorial, each blank dog tag representing one of the 4,000 + american lives wasted in afghanistan and iraq