21 October 2018

re-dogging mary

i had noticed these two early on --- the humane society wouldn't split them up, because they had lived together for so long before they got there, and as a result they had been there awhile --- i thought they had mary's name on them from the start, since she just lost her two sister dogs, one brown, one black --- i figured she wasn't ready, but i sent her some pics and, damn, she wanted to go look at them, which we did last weekend --- now, as of today, they are officially residents of lovely kirkwood --- 

junior had a little toucan toy that he would bring over and shake at you when you looked in on him at the pound --- nasty-ass thing, but mary took it home and washed it --- he loves that; black dog loves mary, a lot, and vice versa, i think

dammit, the one weepy picture at the shelter is all blurry --- bittersweet tears

we had to take their nasty, dog-poundy asses more or less directly to the dog wash, of which there is an excellent do-it-yourself one in EAV that is far superior to trying to do it in the bathtub --- me  and guinnett will use that one day ---

they went crazy in mary's back yard -- omg, omg, omg, smells, smells, smells!!! --- brown dog, being a boy dog, started peeing on anything upright --- "that's why i didn't want a boy dog" --- she'll get over that

she sent me these a bit of ago --- brown dog does not look stressed, which is good

omg, they're already on the bed!

19 October 2018

poor birds

i've picked up all of these in the last week (and entered in audubon's D-bird database) --- be glad when they all get to where they're going and quit running into the buildings, which should be in a couple of weeks or so

17 October 2018

cuzn kevin

heard from this dude this evening and we had a nice long talk --- he's got a new band, but still on fremont street --- i don't miss the spandex-nation band ---

i think he obsesses on politics as much as i do

back to the pound ----

mary's dogs are waiting

poor uno --- dos and tres were already gone and then quatro went today --- he will be lonely for a bit before somebody can't live without him

the cat pound is really quite nice --- this guy is in his little cozy alcove off the main condo

but why is it that cat shit seems nastier than dog shit? 
jackson and i spent some quality time together last time --- i was cleaning glass and wanted to clean his window, but thought his nap more important

15 October 2018

proud of my community

a great weekend, with midtown covered up with people

14 October 2018

12 October 2018

the reading list

I got this on the sale rack at the carlos, but very much worth reading --- it was written pre-trump, but the parallels between him and jackson and their effect on the govt is really amazing

10 October 2018

puppy dog redux

 i don't think i'm gonna post nothing but cute puppy pictures from now on, and i don't go over there every day, but i'm not promising . . . . this little sinusoidal puppy was too cute to poke

i was sad today: lola had been adopted --- lucky puppy
the little blue circles are not a toy --- it's a food bowl designed to keep the puppies from eating too fast

a friend lost her two sister dogs in the last month or so --- the rottie and her little brown friend here have been at the humane society for over a year! (they have no time limit  --- they stay as long as it takes) ---- these pups came together and will stay together, which is one reason nobody has taken them ---i think we're gonna go saturday and look --- i can't imagine she would leave without them

09 October 2018

two hours with puppies rests one's soul

my first session at atl hum society --- i was supposed to be in admissions support, but a bunch of community service people had just left, so i went over and spent time with the puppies --- helping people who come in looking to adopt, and there are a lot more than i might have expected

lola here is my favorite --- somebody is gonna take her cute ass soon

these guys are older siblings --- the one in the back has cataracts --- they gotta stay together

they don't take strays, and i only saw one skinny guy that looked like he had been neglected --- strays go to the real dog pound down the street --- if the pound gets overcrowded, they come up here

so many little smooth, full stomachs to poke

08 October 2018

07 October 2018

8th, 10th, and dogs

 unless the economy crashes, the right side of this image might gonna be a 21-story bldg in two or three years

the painting of raw masonry (brick and cement) is out of control --- and i really don't like all the painting at the tenth st station --- but that's just me
and yoda grace is slightly less of a handful than she was, but still a mess ---- dex positively hates her still and guinness can't really be bothered --- but she's a real sweetie