22 August 2016


they've found descendants not far away

descendants of the cheddar man, too, stuck around, and he lived 9,000  yrs ago

20 August 2016

rebuilding atlanner

i'm really a little surprised they're moving forward with this, given all the apts and condos already underway and coming on line this year and next, but the company has filed for a building permit --- peachtree will have one less surface parking lot and midtown will have several hundred more residents --- we're running out of vacant land, which is a very good thing after all these years

and if "the stitch" is actually completed, restoring the street grid and all, it would be one of the more wonderful things for atlanta in a long time

18 August 2016


travel could be tough in the nineteenth century, this account from 1886:
And, to deal with all of the horrible things at once, it was in Clarksville that we heard of a gentle Athenian, who was boarding in the north-eastern section of the State, and being called by a coloured servant early in the morning, she ventured to lie a little longer; whereupon she received a peremptory order to get up, as "the missis wants one of the sheets for a tablecloth."
and politics can be tough in the twenty-first century ---

11 August 2016

it's the little things . . . .

a weird day: half-way through war and peace, got a call from an old client with what appears to be good work, got a check from the n'er-do-well client, had one of my best friends and her boyfriend over for happy hour --- and broke my little finger emptying goddam ice trays

i love retirement
this guy has been posting poems around the neighborhood ---
the building on the right is underway, but i can't see it from my unit --- the one on the left will be a nice addition to the viewshed, especially at sunrise

tiny houses on the site of my 3rd-grade school in east point --- yay! hope it happens ---

29 July 2016

out roaming

long walks are just too hot for dog these days, so this weekend i left him home so i could put in some steps --- walked robert around tech, which he had not done before, and then this afternoon east palisades to devils racecourse shoals --- nearly 16 miles the last two days

28 July 2016

living in interesting times

the democratic convention this week has been a purty stark contrast to all the doom, gloom, and pissed-off white people last week --- the speeches last night rocked the house

biden: "we are america, second to none, and we own the finish line."

bloomberg: "together, let's elect a sane, competent person."

obama: "that’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end."

finished wills' henry adams and the making of america, on a friend's recommendation --- was underwhelmed, but got a different overview of the first quarter of the nineteenth century

this little unit blooms twice a year --- love it -- gonna have four blossoms this time, six if i'm very lucky,

19 July 2016

culture shock

i finished up this little tome today --- five stars for a different perspective on america's history --- weirdly appropriate after last night's totally weird republican convention, which i could only watch in fits and starts

the river is low and the lake is down five or six feet

15 July 2016

new color

these miniature cattleya were given to me after they had finished blooming, so i didn't know what to expect --- #28 and #29, they are blooming together

14 July 2016

fort mountain

a dead place

as it was the two or three other times i've visited, new echota was just depressing ---

spring place

i got a few more chapters of the coochee project off to the client and, after writing about the cherokee, i decided to check out new echota and spring place in the twenty-first century ---

i was dismayed at the vann house (1805) to find that the state, guided by its republican sense of priorities, stuck a plywood-boxed column under the cantilevered stairs

but it's still there