21 January 2020

remind to quit posting nothing but dog pictures

cold day in georgia

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

20 January 2020

square pegs and round holes

sometimes, for planning purposes, i rehearse a scenario in my addled mind, just to see what it feels like — e.g., what would happen if i took the little shit back to the beagle pound? i'm not gonna do that, but i kinda feel sorry for him sometimes when he's pacing around looking out the windows — he drinks massive amounts of water, which has to go somewhere, and when it happens inside, it is no minor puddle — if i take him out every 3 hours, he's ok, but, law me, ain't nobody got time for that — nevertheless, because he's so stupid sweet otherwise, i guess i am just resigned to doing it and being glad to feel very well exercised all the time as a result --- we don't call him kuntry kenny for nothing

18 January 2020

wasted days and wasted nights

i am doing other than generating endorphins by looking at this shit --- typing and what not, but nothing really comparable

13 January 2020

kuntry kenny

he's been into the cat food twice today already, when i forgot and left the chair too close to the cat table, but he is relentless and never fkn quits --- same thing out on the streets, always dreaming of sidewalk chicken bones at every turn, which makes him a much better walking companion away from the restaurants and the qt and what not --- except at arabia mountain the other day when he got all het up for the scent of a rabbit or something and dragged me all over the mountain

he also drinks an enormous amount of water (the vet found no issues that might provoke that --- maybe he's just doing it for his health) --- i need to actually time how long he can stand with his leg up, if i don't actually get around to capturing a precise measurement of fluid, because it is a very long time

on the other hand, he loves every person and every dog he meets and fkn loves the dog park, which guinness never cared for --- at 40 lbs he goes in the big dog park, which makes him the runt, but he doesn't care --- running around tussling with the big dogs and now and then starting into one of his hound-dog baying episodes --- "where's the rabbit?" 

and maybe best of all, he and dex have gone beyond simple toleration to friendship, such as that exists between cats and dogs

i thought dex was a cozy creature to have around, but this little shit is just as good, and better inasmuch as there is more body heat involved --- dog wants nothing more than to be up close and personal, just don't wake him abruptly or he will be snappy

also too he doesn't get rank, until about three months --- i washed him the other day --- he's been in a tub before i guess so it went purty well

all in all, he is an excellent dog

25 November 2019

looking at olden times

i'm spending some time at the national archives in morrow, looking through journals for the santa rosa life-saving station, near pensacola, for a client --- it's the fourth set of journals i've looked at, the others being for nps on the outer banks, bodie island, portsmouth, and cape lookout ---- fascinating in their general monotony interspersed with dead bodies and hurricanes and men getting stir crazy or something and burning down the privy

27 september 1906, santa rosa island, florida

orchidaceae for the holiday

 big urnge is being orange, and the space alien oncidium is being fragrant, and for a month or more the yoda grace memorial phaleonopsis has done its thing --- 

a mess

dog had his first visit with dr matthews, who was hershey's old vet, a fact she remembered before i could mention it --- all good, except somehow i missed his being under treatment for heartworms --- followup in february will say if that's fixed --- most of the other issues of concern apparently revolve around his being a beagle, i guess ---

he obsesses on the cat's diner, which even before his ass got here has always been elevated above the dogs --- i couldn't figure out how he was getting up on the cat table and scouring the bowls clean --- 

today i caught him in the act: if both doors of the second bathroom are open, he can get a running start and jump, except this time i startled him and he fell off --- little fukr

10 November 2019

fall flowers

 orchids, fenestraria, and sasanqua 

09 November 2019

06 November 2019

dog time

our one-month anniversary was yesterday so we went to see arabia mountain and fool around with the cousins --- kenny did not lift his nose from the stone the entire time we were there ---

we're learning each other's habits --- e.g. do not mess with the dog while he's sleeping, or you're liable to get snapped at

03 November 2019

remember, remember . . .

they changed the stupid time again today, so everybody's circadian rhythm is a little whacked, but the weather was excellent, some fall color at last, and a fine day to walk/be dragged by the dog to the far end of the park and back --- 

since robt was along to help chase him down, should that need have arisen, dog had his first off-leash experience in the piedmont park dog park and it couldn't have gone any better --- the most tense moment was a big black mastiffish dog sniffing all over his back, which got kenny's hackles up, but that all passed --- his introductory run around the dog park was a great success, and proved again what an amiable pup he is --- i loved guinness deeply but he wasn't all that good with other dogs, or humans for that matter --- too bad i was too busy watching him to take any images

31 October 2019

getting ready for cold weather

unfortunately i did not get a photo of dex washing kenny's  head, but i love seeing them like this

sweet neighbors gave him a little doggie rain jacket and insulated jacket

hometown heroes --- atl utd!

so the fkrs lost, but that's ok, a bakers dozen of atl utd matches since april has rocked my world --- and i was able to facilitate rocking the worlds of ms kidd, robt, mary, wood & bates, douglet, and bc along the way ---

next season can't start soon enough

28 October 2019

fauna on the thirteenth floor

the animals are going way beyond toleration and have quickly become playmates, much like guinness and dex used to be 


the fog rolling in from the east this morning, back lit by the sun, is fine —

Crumbling is not an instant’s Act
A fundamental pause
Dilapidation’s processes
Are organized Decays — 

"Tis first a Cobweb on the Soul 
A Cuticle of Dust
A Borer in the Axis
An Elemental Rust — 

Ruin is formal — Devil’s work
Consecutive and slow — 
Fail in an instant, no man did 
Slipping — is Crashe’s law —

emily dickinson

12 October 2019

the dog

as of today, he's been here a week, made himself right at home, and put my life back together, as it were --- first ride in the car today was flawless so there will be many more 

10 October 2019


arranging delivery of one's new fridgidaire, which is actually a kitchenaide, to metropolis is a pain in the ass, what with coordinating best buy's stupid delivery schedule and freight elevator reservations here, which, mysteriously, are not automatically tied to loading dock reservations --- first world problems --- the new phone camera takes a nicely distorted real-estate-agent image of my kitchen

next up: a new mattress

meanwhile, the dog is adjusting to a new place, new people, and what not --- he purty much likes all people and all dogs, in addition to the urnge cat

excellent fall weather at last --- 58 feels brisk in the morning, and low 70s is just right for the evening

it takes effort, but one can put the awfulness of trumpistan aside from time to time and remember what life is all about: new fridgidaires and puppy dogs