22 August 2019

sliding toward fall

trying to get in a decent walk morning and evening --- continuous walking is more helpful than the slow sniffing walking with dog --- but i still miss his ass

this is one of the odder things i've come across in the course of historical research --- seems totally inappropriate for a business check, but maybe it was the bank president's grandchild

21 August 2019

gone but never forgotten

today was the last day for our lead concierge, mullu hussen --- family issues are calling her back to ethiopia and she doesn't know when or if she'll return --- in the three or four years that she's worked here, she has been the epitome of grace and civility and efficiency --- her saying "have a lovely day" each morning, in her impeccable british accent, has been a wonderful way to start each day ---

she loved, too, giving the dogs little treats --- the day dog died, she asked to come up and see him a last time, genuinely sad he was going --- 

she was a good, kind soul --- we were friends and her absence seriously diminishes our lives --- she is also a perfect example of the great things that immigrants can bring to our country if we will let them

20 August 2019

late summer

i can't think of a title

i tossed and turned last night, but on one of the turns, around 3 in the morning, i saw these amazing clouds pouring along the horizon like plumes of smoke --- when i woke again it was overcast, but then turned into a sunny semi-hot day

robt and i checked out fernbank forest, which i had not seen in thirty years --- a wonderful place --- its 65 acres are supposed to be old-growth, as are 35 or so acres at the Frazier Center south of Ponce, and maybe the 20 or so acres in Deepdene Park --- if all of that is in fact old growth, it is more than the acreage of old-growth forest in the entire state of maine

lobelia, plum-leaf azalea, and rudbeckia were in bloom --- the semi-new "wildwood" was good too, especially all the early twentieth-century garden ruins

19 August 2019

“dogs' lives are too short; their only fault, really.”

 --- carlotta monterey o’neill

18 August 2019


sweaty walk to the garden this morning, but always worth it, dendrobiums to dahlias

a few yellow leaves on the poplars, a late-summer reminder that fall will get here sooner or later

17 August 2019

paying for your life

heart attacks ain't cheap, but thank god we don't have socialized medicine, right?

16 August 2019

still good

People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed . . . .

15 August 2019

dog days redux

an excellent evening with a very dear NPS friend --- wine, a viewing of koyaanisqatsi, which she had never seen, and more wine in the atl bot gdn --- i've been a little humbled by the love i've been shown during the dead dog and heart attack situation --- hand-written notes, lunch dates, and what not and this afternoon i got a wonderful box of pears and peaches from another dear NPS friend (i have several) ---

14 August 2019


i wasn't gonna, but the soccer siren sounded and we checked out the campeones cup match, atl utd over club america (mexico city), 3 - 2 --- a great game, not least for all the mexicans and central americans in attendance --- both mexican and american national anthems sung at the start

respect for human diversity is a big thing with soccer fandom, and rightly so --- but fans were ejected sunday over what stadium mgmt called "political" signs, which were actually signs about human rights --- the resurgence rowdies called b.s. on that with a statement "declaring that human rights are not political statements . . . . that making the Iron Front logo unwelcome while ignoring the growing presence of white nationalism in the terraces makes you complacent in the attacks being suffered by Seattle’s supporters – and ignorant of the dangerous landscape many MLS supporters face every day."

11 August 2019

a return to nermalcy?

i almost feel like myself today: the headaches are gone and i slept like a log last night --- but i still could die at any minute, as could we all --- i obsessed on that thought yesterday, learning such things as one in three men are dead within five years of a heart attack --- for some reason, the first attack didn't put me at the edge of mortality the way this one seems to have done --- but i shan't let it get me down --- i will take my pills (a dozen of them over the course of the day), get back into my walking groove, remember to carry my nitro, and move on ---

atl utd match this afternoon! wheeeee!

10 August 2019

dogless days of summer

it's been a crappy week --- the new meds have kept me with a splitting headache until last night --- not gone but maybe slacking off --- i walked around the lake this morning but i still don't feel great 

still dogless, but at least i have my support kitten --- he's great as long as i don't expect too much

06 August 2019

perils of my gene pool

a lot of good all the walking has done: yesterday, another low-grade heart attack, just like the last one [non-ST elevation myocardial infarction, for what that's worth] — caused by a small artery on front of my heart that they couldn't stent, so i'm back on blood thinners again and a new slow release substitute for nitroglycerine to deal with the angina

and lucky to be somewhere i can uber myself to the emergency room at emory midtown, spend the better part of two days in the hospital, and walk home after it was all over

all in all, i'm doing better than g'pa hart, who dropped dead of a  major attack at the age of 54 — or g'pa jones, who spent ten years of having strokes, and nothing to do but watch it happen 

moving around

 for the last couple of years, guinness was not into long walks and so we weren't on the beltline much (it's at least two miles roundtrip just to get down there)  a tiny upside to doglessness might be the chance to walk further and a little quicker  sunday i did a four or so miles loop to ponce market and back, taking an hour and a half, but i stopped for a sandwich half way — the trees and all are growing up nicely