10 November 2019

fall flowers

 orchids, fenestraria, and sasanqua 

09 November 2019

06 November 2019

dog time

our one-month anniversary was yesterday so we went to see arabia mountain and fool around with the cousins --- kenny did not lift his nose from the stone the entire time we were there ---

we're learning each other's habits --- e.g. do not mess with the dog while he's sleeping, or you're liable to get snapped at

03 November 2019

remember, remember . . .

they changed the stupid time again today, so everybody's circadian rhythm is a little whacked, but the weather was excellent, some fall color at last, and a fine day to walk/be dragged by the dog to the far end of the park and back --- 

since robt was along to help chase him down, should that need have arisen, dog had his first off-leash experience in the piedmont park dog park and it couldn't have gone any better --- the most tense moment was a big black mastiffish dog sniffing all over his back, which got kenny's hackles up, but that all passed --- his introductory run around the dog park was a great success, and proved again what an amiable pup he is --- i loved guinness deeply but he wasn't all that good with other dogs, or humans for that matter --- too bad i was too busy watching him to take any images