18 October 2017

rocks and the river

Hendersonville NC "Rocks"/HVL NC Rocks on facebook, from douglet's friend, returned to its natural habitat

16 October 2017

rock and roll!

perhaps the most awesome performance in all of rock and roll, but that may be cause i just watched it --- still it's purty great

15 October 2017

pride 2017 -- sunday

a great afternoon with the guys --- 

and of course it wouldn't be pride without the goddamn christianists [sic] and their megaphones

14 October 2017

13 October 2017

rebuilding spring street

they're just finishing up the digging phase of the tech square project which ruined crum & forster --- clearly it wasn't a necessity to demolish two thirds of it, but they did --- already talking about another tower just across fourth street --- all the building on spring south of fifth will be behind the biltmore, but i will probably lose my glimpse of the stupid car stadium

the mark will take over the dominoes corner at spring and tenth --- 18 floors of student apartments over 9 floors of parking --- will also  take out a few more degrees of my natural horizon in that direction

12 October 2017

people are crazy and times are strange . . . .

dog got a bath today, and after it was over i put on some tunes, which made him think somebody was coming over --- poor disappointed dog

one of the things i'm coming to terms with, having been thrust into the bowels of trumpistan, is the fact that i have wasted a lot of time and energy on giving "family" the benefit of the doubt with their beliefs and thinking that when push came to shove, they weren't really bigoted hypocrites --- i should have told them to go fuk themselves forty years ago

11 October 2017

wednesday, the 38th of kunagonda

a beautiful day after a weird sunrise, and productive at the keyboard --- lunch with jwh pissing and moaning some about politics, but he said what worried him was the possibility of the north koreans detonating a bomb generating an electromagnetic pulse that would basically fuck up most electronics === eek

i did  not know lithops blossomed, but they do --- very similar to fenestraria, which is in the same bowl
the mark, it's called, 28 stories or so, taking out the stupid drive-in dominoes and some sad one-story office bldg with parking in front at the corner of spring and p'tree place --- a good trade, imho, even if it will take out another few degrees of my natural skyline

09 October 2017

trails all over the place

i think i'm done thinking about this one --- the surveyor for the district was the only surveyor in the area obsessive enough to include notation of all the trails that were present in 1821 --- and as far as i know, no one else has been as obsessive as i have been in looking through 260-something land-lot plats and combining them into a single map --- posted to tomitronics

04 October 2017


this is just about my favorite place in the world i guess --- always the same but always different, whether it's the trees or the sky or the water ---

requiem for one i threw out

i finally gave up and threw out this zygopetalum --- i let scale get out of control --- as a horticulturist, i sometimes have to accept failure

on the other hand this little chocolate oncidium, the dendrobium, the space alien oncidium, and the other zygopetalum are doing just fine

03 October 2017

flowers with the girls

 nice afternoon ---- thnx, a and p