25 April 2017

the mcintosh reserve

we checked out the mcintosh reserve at whitesburg today, and mostly had it to ourselves --- so very very quiet --- surprised to  see spanish moss that far north, not a lot, but it was there --- trails not very good but nice to inspect that part of the river

i've never seen stone vaults quite like these at the bowen cemetery, dating to the 1840s --- 
mcintosh's grave --- they burned his house down when they killed him in 1825 --- the county installed a log house dragged in from alabama when the site was developed as a county park in the 1980s 

24 April 2017

some things don't work out the way you want them to

we always love "streets alive," except yesterday, not so much --- it started pouring down rain as we left the west lake station and didn't let up until we were near the wren's nest --- we were one of a few dozen diehards that toughed it out --- the organizers eventually shut it down early --- better luck next time, which will be a new route, howell mill and marietta st, but we'll be in DC and miss it

meanwhile in the pantry, i had to toss the first attempt at a ginger bug, but the second try seems to be festering nicely --- and got my bottles today, so maybe a ginger beer product this weekend

22 April 2017

why is this even necessary?

great turnout for the march for science in atlanner, 10-15,000 i would guess --- anybody that worked in or near a lab was there and angela said she talked to some people out at indian creek that had come up from americus just for the march --- it's great to see so many that are as aggravated about trumpistanic ignorance as i am

19 April 2017

real work

i missed a bet not spending the better part of the last few years just documenting the reconstruction of midtown --- i've seen at least two dozen high-rises within four or five blocks of here in the last five or six years --- construction workers all over the place, including the publix at lunch time

because they are building in the middle of our morning dog walk, i have gotten to watch the apt tower at seventh and juniper from the beginning ---

aged comestibles

i got a bottle of 30 yr old port for a late b'day remembrance --- haven't tried it yet, but it's probably purty good

this punkin unit, on the other hand, has been sitting on my counter since last october --- it's gotten a lot lighter, but so far, no rot ---

i made pickle over the weekend --- they'll be ready to eat next week --- i also started a ginger "bug," which is much like sour-dough starter in that you start a fermentation process and just keep feeding it

in addition today i found a hunk of fruitcake in the back of the pantry, probably dating to november 2015 --- still quite moist --- dribbled a little more whiskey on it and put it back to age some more
it won't be long til there's ginger beer!

17 April 2017

14 April 2017


we got down to the mouth of peachtree creek but it was so muddy we couldn't really explore -- the river has been much abused in this area, which is where the city draws its water
we also checked out smyrna's "heritage park" on nickajack creek --- a bogus name, but a great place --- georgia native plants society has an excellent collection of native plants, all labeled, right at the trail head --- then an easy walk back to the concord mill ruins and the covered bridge --- a connection to the silver comet trail too

10 April 2017

the orchidaceae today

the zygopetalum efflorescence began today --- two spikes and a third in its infancy

both of the alien oncidium are showing forth, one with two spikes and the other with one --- nice fragrance in the mernings

the dendrobium and big urnge continue on as well, with the latter having a nascent second spike  

09 April 2017

i kept moving today

robt was over and we walked to atl bot gdn and then through the dogwood festival and then to get something to eat and then walked the dog and then went back to the dogwood festival --- great weather

one of the more awesome sights of the day was the hipster dude tooling up the sidewalk on peachtree street, riding his one-wheel hoverboard, chatting on his cell phone, and pulling a small child in a wagon behind

02 April 2017

the western viewshed

since i moved here in dec 2005, fifteen high-rises, mostly apartments, have been completed or are nearly so, just within my viewshed, which is basically south of fourteenth street and west of peachtree --- another three are coming out of the ground and will be completed next year ---almost as many have been built within six or eight blocks north and east of here --- the image above is a composite of images from 2006 --- inexplicably, i did not continue the panorama to the south --- i am an idiot for not making a better record of all the building construction i've witnessed

i also realized that one can see at least ninety-five buildings in that same viewshed, ranging in age from 1888 to day before yesterday --- plus crescent avenue, which marks the route of the antebellum peachtree road through midtown