14 July 2018

things and what not

to the wilds of buckhead last night for our monthly meeting of the 106 club --- purty intense building up in there --- purty people, too, but i didn't take their picture --- oh, and good food, too
this is the best car i've seen on p'tree st in a while ---
 sez "no redemption" on the back of his jacket --- hmph

 i almost never go to the monthly scott's antique show or anything like it (been there, done that kind of thing), and if i do i don't buy anything --- today i got het up to go to scotts, which brought me to this object, which i acquired for $15 and will give me pleasure in viewing and use for many years to come

11 July 2018

for the antiquarian

this ad is from barnwell's city directory for atlanta in 1867 --- so wonderfully simple in the graphic design

city directories can be a time suck but you discover little nuggets: e.g., i never knew until just now that boulevard was called "rolling mill street" in 1870 --- i've always wondered why "boulevard" didn't have a name or at least an indefinite article attached to it --- my grandmother had a special way of saying "boo-lee-vard"

06 July 2018

thanking frige for her many blessings

dog was given an "authentic" himalayan yak chew --- yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice --- his life is now complete

incidentally, the recipe was originally used to make a long-lasting food for people at high altitudes

cat looked particularly crazed this morning --- sometimes i fear him

04 July 2018

still celebrating the fourth of july

excellent view of fireworks from the balcony, the best since i've been here --- a good storm came through and there was heat lightning all around ---- the centennial park fireworks were set off where the old stadium used to be so partially visible from here --- a great view of the display at old fourth ward park, their firststill

sweating the fourth

dump truck barricades and a lot of sweaty people --- especially the firefighters than ran the race in their fire-fighting gear

03 July 2018

jaw-dropping ideology

there have been more than a few fukd up decisions by republican-appointed judges of late, but this might top them all:  "U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy III ruled last week that children have no fundamental right to learn to read and write in the United States."

orchidaceaen update

"The genus name comes from the Ancient Greek ὄρχις (órkhis), literally meaning "testicle", because of the shape of the twin tubers in some species of Orchis." ---- this i did not know

02 July 2018

fresh start for the mama and her pups

the sad mama dog and her eight wormy nasty puppies that i helped lizzie with are all much improved now

dog on the mountain

we met angela and her rambunctious baby girl dog at arabia mountain this morning --- a little warm and a little humid but still nice --- lots of dog water, including in the geodesic survey marker on top of the mountain ---

01 July 2018

random images

"rage, rage against the dying of the light"

i joined 10,000 or so who gathered yesterday morning at the jail and then marched to the federal courthouse to say that the way this administration treats refugees ain't ok --- there were marches everywhere, some bigger than others --- a friend joined half dozen of her neighbors with signs in big stone gap, in the nether reaches of virginia --- will it do any good? who knows at this point