04 April 2020


books, flowers, and rocks --- all beautiful in their own way --- this unit is one of a pair that were gifted to me in early october last --- six months and counting and still setting buds

especially when they smell like coconut
or absolutely never quit blooming

03 April 2020

borrowed time

thousands dead across the country and tens of thousands around the world, half the damn planet being told to stay home, unemployment records falling day after day, with over 700,000 added in march alone --- hospitals are running out of supplies, while the feds leave the states to their own devices, including bidding against each other for supplies --- i asked alexis if they had enough personal protective equipment at the hospital and she replied:

Unfortunately no. Everything is being rationed. We get issued an N95 and have to wear it until basically worn out. They are meant for a few hours of protection. Not a weeks worth of work. It is absolutely absurd.  And we are out of plastic gowns. They brought us 30 gowns the other day with Virex spray to spray on them so they can be disinfected for the next person to re-wear. This is just unheard of. And the peak of this mess hasn't even hit yet. I was talking with one of our infectious disease docs and she said the peak will hit around April 24th then we should (and hopefully) start to see a decline in new cases. God, I can only pray. . . . It's like healthcare in a third world country.
and expectations are that it's only going to get worse --- as many as 200,000 dead in the US by some estimates ---

angela sent me some masks which i guess i will start wearing to the grocery store at least --- i really don't want to catch this thing until we're a little further along in treatment, etc

and the republicans, under the guise of national emergency, are unilaterally abrogating environmental laws and disregarding congressional oversight of how the $2 trillion appropriated for the emergency is spent, and generally amping up their support for the oligarchy's looting of the country

meanwhile the putative president continues to poison the body politic with petty insults, threats, and raw partisan politics and generally acting as president of the red states, and to hell with the blue, which includes the country's largest cities --- he is a despicable human being and far and away the absolute worst president this country has had

so happy birthday to me --- 71 and officially living on borrowed time

19 March 2020

big times

these are clearly such big times that i feel i ought to be blogging, but it's kinda overwhelming when there's talk of 20% unemployment (it was just short of 25% at the depths of the great depression), with st patricks day parades and all cancelled in ireland and everywhere else, while restaurants, bars, atl utd matches, symphony, the botanical garden, museums, and what not are nearly all shut down indefinitely --- vegas is shut down so kevin won't be playing for at least two months --- san francisco, nyc, and other places in "lockdown" (although it's not like they'll shoot you if they find you outdoors --- not yet anyway --- i can still walk to the grocery store and macs and around with the dog), but everything is about "social distancing" --- midtown is like it usually is over the xmas holidays when everybody leaves town ---  nevermind the tragic state of my 401k, although i recognize that the real tragedy is those with no 401k or anything else in the way of retirement savings to piss and moan about to begin with --- and when the republicans start talking about the [really urgent] need to just give people some money (the latter being a contrived notion in the first place, especially when one remembers how valuable cowrie shells were at one time), you know that the wheel is turning --- this is a year like 1860, 1941, 1968, when there was a great big revolution in our way of being

11 March 2020


they keep me semi-sane

a good read!

yesterday, i made my quarterly pilgramage to the city's best book store, at the carlos museum at emory ---

this has to be the pick of the litter --- wonderful little synopses of various dyes, pigments, and what not, with a history of color woven through --- i knew about prussian blue and cochineal, white lead and titanium, but mummy brown and vanta black, e.g., not so much

beautiful photography, like this of lead white
 orpium and malachite
and instructions on how to make a few, including cochineal and lead white

06 March 2020

keep on building

i guess the project here at the southeast corner of p'tree and eighth is a go ----  next year and a half will be a pain in the ass for the neighborhood

the people in the south tower are not happy ---

01 March 2020

an excellent read

i was gonna post some images, but i managed to lose them all between the phone and pc --- they weren't all that in the first place --- this book, however, is the bomb --- i rarely read a book twice, but . . . .

27 February 2020

losing midtown

the last tenants moved out yesterday --- i hate to think how soon the wrecking ball will follow ---

great stuff

23 February 2020

the liberry

all of the library has now been cataloged and repositioned into appropriate broad categories; i have as yet not gone so anal as to start alphabetizing the categories --- 1,482 titles (and one on the way), 176 of which are e-books that don't take up shelf space and, in any case, will disappear when the poles reverse --- i've got as much in books as i do in the rest of my stuff combined and should probably up my homeowner's insurance accordingly
mostly non-fiction --- the top two shelves here contain a little fiction, poetry, fables, religion, and what not --- but the rest is history and culture, including histories of hell and shit, and a theory of assholes --- a whole shelf nothing but queers, negros, and indians --- the little narrow stack on the right is all state and local history
books in the other rooms, but not as many --- sooner or later, i will need to cover this wall with shelving ---

my favorite place to be

21 February 2020


one should always check one's voter registration, especially these days --- it's easy to get to, so i did, and find that i am now "black of nonhispanic origin" --- WTF!!!! how did that happen? i sometimes wish i had been born black, so it's not that, it's how some human came to mess around with my information like that and why --- stacey abrams is trying to ride herd on it, so i sent her a note and left a message with fulton co voter registration

19 February 2020

people can be cruel

some horrible woman at the park looked at him today, laughed, and said "another fat beagle"

those sidewalk biscuits pile on the calories

16 February 2020

trumpistan is a skeery place

a cousin can't understand why i "keep harping on trump" --- this kind of thing is a good part of the reason, and just a few hundred feet from my building --- apd's zone 6 commander lives a few floors up from me and i showed it to him, but what can/will they do?


13 February 2020


i just sent them my semi-final revision to the coochee history (110,000 words, all in sentences and stuff) --- "a history of sautee nachoocee" --- a fantastic project that i almost hate to let go of --- it's been nearly five years in the making --- i hope they get it in print

those valleys remain just about my favorite part of the state

01 February 2020

losing old midtown

i love these apartments, ca. 1920, on eighth st opposite the south end of metropolis alley --- some of the best early apartment buildings were along peachtree and cross streets in midtown ---
nearly all of them are gone now, and this will be soon, for another apt tower

31 January 2020

trading places

gonna miss tito -- sold to club libertad in paraguay for a seven-figure sum --

i hate "updating"

they spend too much time and money "updating" this place, but here they go again -- cleaning out the beds, dirt and all --- more deck, less garden --- i'm not going to like the new view, but it'll help keeping everybody feeling prissy, i guess we got too many real estate people on our hoa board

30 January 2020

coochie redux

semi-final comments on the sautee nacoochee history have been received from our beloved editrix, who can be a giant pain in the ass but certainly makes my writing look better in the process --- dealing with that was my day today, and will be for a good many days to come

29 January 2020


i started a book catalog using readerware fifteen years ago --- just got another upgrade and getting it up to date (1,432 book units so far, which is maybe half of what i had on sinclair ave) --- i was thinking about homeowner's insurance, concerned i might be underinsured in terms of damage to the condo itself (i have visions of all my windows being blown out in a storm or whatever) --- he thought that was fine, but thought my basis for personal property was low --- started thinking about my pile of books and updating the inventory and what not, and he's probably right

26 January 2020

gifts that last

cousin yg sent this orchid to celebrate the advent of kuntry kenneth on the thirteenth floor, the second week of october or so last year --- it's still got a ways to go ---

25 January 2020


i finished my first book of 2020: Toby Green's A Fistful of Shells: West Africa from the Rise of the Slave Trade to the Age of Revolution (2019), basically from the fifteenth through the mid-19th centuries in the run-up to the "scramble for africa" that began in the 1880s --- i won't think about slavery in quite the same way as i did ---

i don't think that i've memorialized my 2019 reading list yet, asterisks for must-reads:

***Camilla Townsend, Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztec (2019)

Frank McLynn, Marcus Aurelius, A Life (2009)

Serhii Plookhy, The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine (2015)

Alistair Moffat, The British: A Genetic Journey (2013)

Stuart McHardy, A New History of the Picts (2010)

Ron Chernow, George Washington: A Life (2010)

Karen Armstrong, The Battle for God (2000)

Lars C Adams, Breaking the House of Pumunkey: The Final Powhatan War and the Fall of an American Empire (2017)

David La Vere, The Tuscarora War: Indians, Settlers, and the Fight for North Carolina (2013)

Lisa Brooks, Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip's War (2018)

William L. Ramsey, The Yamasee War: A Study of Culture, Economy, and Conflict in the Colonial South (2008)

Tony Horwitz, Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War (1998)

***Tony Horwitz, Spying on the South: An Odyssey across the American Divide (2019)

David W Blight, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom (2018)

John Man, The Gutenberg Revolution: How Printing Changed the Course of History (2002)

Mark Lamster, The Man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, Architect of the Modern Century (2018)

Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer, Fault Lines: A History of the United States Since 1974 (2019)

***Carrie Gibson, El  Norte: The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America (2019)

***Patrick Nunn, The Edge of Memory: Ancient Stories, Oral Tradition and the Post-Glacial World (2019)

Anthony Doyle, Standing Peachtree: A Cold Case of Native Provenance (2011)

George McDonald Fraser, The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers (2008)

Charles River Editors, The Rise of Constantinople: The Ancient History of the City . . . (2018)

***B. R. Burg, Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition (1983)

***Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny (2017)

Alan Walker, Fryderyk Chopin: A Life and Times (2018)

Charles River Editors, Petra: The History of the Rose City (2016)

James Roman, Chronicles of Old Los Angeles (2015)

i would go nuts if i couldn't read

24 January 2020

things i know

i finished revising all i had to say twenty-five years ago (close to 40.000 words, some of them more than two or three syllables) about the crescent apartments , aka margaret mitchell house — built 1899, moved 1913, turned into apartments 1919, ruirnt, burnt up, restored, burnt up again, and restored again --- remodeled the web presentation as well ---

23 January 2020

changing seasons

they got rid of the damn moravian xmas star so now it's just damn mardi-gras lights

22 January 2020

the good old days

periodically in my life, i say to myself "these are the good old days" --- it just sorta happens, doncha know --- i got a high-maintenance hound who keeps me moving, an old cat that just wants to sleep all the time, flowers that bloom, and a lot of words that need typing --- plus robt, angela, assorted friends, and the view --- and all the bills paid on time

nevermind estranged friends and family, trumpistan, and what not, when i'm here at the typewriter with the sound on and the creatures about me, i can sorta stand it

21 January 2020

remind me to quit posting nothing but dog pictures

cold day in georgia

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

20 January 2020

square pegs and round holes

sometimes, for planning purposes, i rehearse a scenario in my addled mind, just to see what it feels like — e.g., what would happen if i took the little shit back to the beagle pound? i'm not gonna do that, but i kinda feel sorry for him sometimes when he's pacing around looking out the windows — he drinks massive amounts of water, which has to go somewhere, and when it happens inside, it is no minor puddle — if i take him out every 3 hours, he's ok, but, law me, ain't nobody got time for that — nevertheless, because he's so stupid sweet otherwise, i guess i am just resigned to doing it and being glad to feel very well exercised all the time as a result --- we don't call him kuntry kenny for nothing

18 January 2020

wasted days and wasted nights

i am doing other than generating endorphins by looking at this shit --- typing and what not, but nothing really comparable

13 January 2020

kuntry kenny

he's been into the cat food twice today already, when i forgot and left the chair too close to the cat table, but he is relentless and never fkn quits --- same thing out on the streets, always dreaming of sidewalk chicken bones at every turn, which makes him a much better walking companion away from the restaurants and the qt and what not --- except at arabia mountain the other day when he got all het up for the scent of a rabbit or something and dragged me all over the mountain

he also drinks an enormous amount of water (the vet found no issues that might provoke that --- maybe he's just doing it for his health) --- i need to actually time how long he can stand with his leg up, if i don't actually get around to capturing a precise measurement of fluid, because it is a very long time

on the other hand, he loves every person and every dog he meets and fkn loves the dog park, which guinness never cared for --- at 40 lbs he goes in the big dog park, which makes him the runt, but he doesn't care --- running around tussling with the big dogs and now and then starting into one of his hound-dog baying episodes --- "where's the rabbit?" 

and maybe best of all, he and dex have gone beyond simple toleration to friendship, such as that exists between cats and dogs

i thought dex was a cozy creature to have around, but this little shit is just as good, and better inasmuch as there is more body heat involved --- dog wants nothing more than to be up close and personal, just don't wake him abruptly or he will be snappy

also too he doesn't get rank, until about three months --- i washed him the other day --- he's been in a tub before i guess so it went purty well

all in all, he is an excellent dog