04 June 2018

redwoods and beaches to lodgepole pine and volcanoes

i'm not sure which i hated leaving the most, the redwoods or the beaches, but getting a last dose of each i took the 299 into the klamath range to the trinity river and up it through the shasta-trinity natl forest and the so-called trinity alps --- the first glimpses of shasta at weed were great --- the transition from high 50s to high 80s temperatures was not

i thought this little mexican restaurant in the shadow of shasta at weed would be great --- from the shrine to the virgin out front to the bull and matador in a tile floor inside, it looked to be an authentic sort of place --- but it was being operated by koreans with a single hispanic waitron, and the food was mediocre --- did the country's wickedness toward immigrants drive the original owners away? or, as margo suggested, did they leave because the local economy was whacked by massive forest fires all around in the last two or three years?

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Rathayatra said...

what is that rock growth ? mighty fantastic blue in the ocean.