02 June 2018

primer segmento

from davis i got lost in the orchards (which i also failed to image) and great pastures getting to 128, which i followed through napa and sonoma to mendocino/ft bragg --- enormous vineyards and endless opportunities for wine tasting that i did not pursue --- burnt over hillsides and occasional burnt vineyard from last year's fires 

a short detour to hopland and emerald pharms! large eco store with the legal-weed "dispensary" in a seperate building --- i.d. checked going in and coming out --- edible, smokable, and vapable THC in a variety of measured doses --- we need a dispensary in atlanner

the mendicino coast botanical gardens were superb, among the finest i've ever seen --- established in 1961, 46 acres that include a magnificent bluff at the sea --- i'm sorry i only had two hours there --- atl bot gdn is weak tea by comparison, with too much put into special events and doo-dah and way too little being a real botanical garden

great collection of heirloom roses, including this damask rose introduced before 1600

the oceanside inn and suites was the best of the accommodations --- too bad i couldn't have had them every night ---

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