02 June 2018

my holiday

a good flight to sacramento (i had no idea there were so many, flooded, rice fields around there) and short drive to davis to see allen and margot, whom i haven't seen in eight or nine years --- davis is a fine little college town and they are very fine people ---

from there to mendocino/ft bragg through orchards to napa county via 128 and the first redwoods, with a short detour to hopland! then two days on the coast, eureka to crescent city, full of  walks on empty beaches and quiet old-growth forest trails --- a jolt of climate change over the mtns to weed and shasta --- lassen volcano and on to truckee via 89 and back to davis through nevada city and yuba city via 20 ---- roads were surprisingly free of vehicles, sometimes miles and miles without passing another --- i should have kept up with my mileage --- i also find that the 1056 images that i took leave significant gaps in photo-documentation of it all

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