01 October 2019

may you live in interesting times

finally, they initiated impeachment proceedings on his sorry ass, and it was like a great weight was lifting --- there is a long way to go before we're rid of him, but this is a beginning --- i no longer dread waking up in trumpistan with no way out

also too i've been binge watching sixteen hours of ken burns' take on country music, so that the misses kidd escorted me to a "night of georgia music" at symphony hall was really fine --- i had heard of robt mcduffie for decades but was blown away as he turned his 1735 violin into a spectacular fiddle --- i need to go to more musical events

funeralizations sometimes provide the opportunity to interact with cousins one actually cares about and take awkward photographs of them

and on top of impeachment and what not, i have the prospect of a new boon companion --- 5+ yrs old beagle --- i'm trying to work out the logistics for getting him here --- he may hate me or the cat or the elevator or vice versa, but if not i'm ready to walk the dog

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Rathayatra said...

When does he arrive ?