03 October 2019

dog: take IV

dex is in for a surprise --- i talked to the beagle-rescue person this afternoon, and kenny is ready to go --- I'll see him saturday morning ---  I decided that i needed dog more than the plush tickets for the soccer match on sunday, so robt and doug are going, and i'm staying home with the used dog ---

like guinness, he got lost and picked up by animal control, so it might take a little time for him to adjust --- but i've got a month at least where he can be by my side, using trips to the grocery store to see how he does by himself --- in the meantime, we're gonna do some walking, dog!

this ought to work out for everybody --- even if it's not all goodness and light between the cat and the dog on saturday, I'll have a good idea about whether or not they'll ever tolerate each other, which is kinda the minimum standard

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Rathayatra said...

can't wait to see the boy. we will visit in a week, give him time to get acclimated before meeting cousin YoG.