10 October 2019


arranging delivery of one's new fridgidaire, which is actually a kitchenaide, to metropolis is a pain in the ass, what with coordinating best buy's stupid delivery schedule and freight elevator reservations here, which, mysteriously, are not automatically tied to loading dock reservations --- first world problems --- the new phone camera takes a nicely distorted real-estate-agent image of my kitchen

next up: a new mattress

meanwhile, the dog is adjusting to a new place, new people, and what not --- he purty much likes all people and all dogs, in addition to the urnge cat

excellent fall weather at last --- 58 feels brisk in the morning, and low 70s is just right for the evening

it takes effort, but one can put the awfulness of trumpistan aside from time to time and remember what life is all about: new fridgidaires and puppy dogs

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