27 August 2019

warm bodies

i had my annual physical today, with a new doctor in a practice with its roots in little five points nearly forty years ago --- he's my third doctor there and at least makes a good first impression --- flu shot and blood drawn --- i'm officially sick of needles being stuck in me --- my arm still isn't over the catheter from three weeks ago
meanwhile i'm really wanting me some dog --- this afternoon i walked over to the humane society (3½ miles round-trip, so i got in some steps, and i thought it would discourage any sudden impulse to bring somebody home with me) --- many sweet puppies and many big barky bull-terrier types  

i still think i ought to get a grown dog, although i think dex would rather raise a puppy if he had to deal with another dog --- but how to avoid a puppy that will grow into a 60 or 80 lbs bulldozer that would, sooner or later, pull me over and break my bones? or an adult dog that has had years to nurse a grudge against cats?

i need dog

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Rathayatra said...

heart grabbers. dex can tell the dog who is boss.