20 August 2019

i can't think of a title

i tossed and turned last night, but on one of the turns, around 3 in the morning, i saw these amazing clouds pouring along the horizon like plumes of smoke --- when i woke again it was overcast, but then turned into a sunny semi-hot day

robt and i checked out fernbank forest, which i had not seen in thirty years --- a wonderful place --- its 65 acres are supposed to be old-growth, as are 35 or so acres at the Frazier Center south of Ponce, and maybe the 20 or so acres in Deepdene Park --- if all of that is in fact old growth, it is more than the acreage of old-growth forest in the entire state of maine

lobelia, plum-leaf azalea, and rudbeckia were in bloom --- the semi-new "wildwood" was good too, especially all the early twentieth-century garden ruins