06 August 2019

perils of my gene pool

a lot of good all the walking has done: yesterday, another low-grade heart attack, just like the last one [non-ST elevation myocardial infarction, for what that's worth] — caused by a small artery on front of my heart that they couldn't stent, so i'm back on blood thinners again and a new slow release substitute for nitroglycerine to deal with the angina

and lucky to be somewhere i can uber myself to the emergency room at emory midtown, spend the better part of two days in the hospital, and walk home after it was all over

all in all, i'm doing better than g'pa hart, who dropped dead of a  major attack at the age of 54 — or g'pa jones, who spent ten years of having strokes, and nothing to do but watch it happen 

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