09 October 2018

two hours with puppies rests one's soul

my first session at atl hum society --- i was supposed to be in admissions support, but a bunch of community service people had just left, so i went over and spent time with the puppies --- helping people who come in looking to adopt, and there are a lot more than i might have expected

lola here is my favorite --- somebody is gonna take her cute ass soon

these guys are older siblings --- the one in the back has cataracts --- they gotta stay together

they don't take strays, and i only saw one skinny guy that looked like he had been neglected --- strays go to the real dog pound down the street --- if the pound gets overcrowded, they come up here

so many little smooth, full stomachs to poke

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Anonymous said...

those pups are healers for the heart. so thankful you are helping the little guys. oh Lola !!!!, and well, everyone pictured.