10 October 2018

puppy dog redux

 i don't think i'm gonna post nothing but cute puppy pictures from now on, and i don't go over there every day, but i'm not promising . . . . this little sinusoidal puppy was too cute to poke

i was sad today: lola had been adopted --- lucky puppy
the little blue circles are not a toy --- it's a food bowl designed to keep the puppies from eating too fast

a friend lost her two sister dogs in the last month or so --- the rottie and her little brown friend here have been at the humane society for over a year! (they have no time limit  --- they stay as long as it takes) ---- these pups came together and will stay together, which is one reason nobody has taken them ---i think we're gonna go saturday and look --- i can't imagine she would leave without them


Anonymous said...

we need the pictures.

Anonymous said...

i hope those guys get the home. she still has hope in her eyes. that attests to the good care they give there.