21 October 2018

re-dogging mary

i had noticed these two early on --- the humane society wouldn't split them up, because they had lived together for so long before they got there, and as a result they had been there awhile --- i thought they had mary's name on them from the start, since she just lost her two sister dogs, one brown, one black --- i figured she wasn't ready, but i sent her some pics and, damn, she wanted to go look at them, which we did last weekend --- now, as of today, they are officially residents of lovely kirkwood --- 

junior had a little toucan toy that he would bring over and shake at you when you looked in on him at the pound --- nasty-ass thing, but mary took it home and washed it --- he loves that; black dog loves mary, a lot, and vice versa, i think

dammit, the one weepy picture at the shelter is all blurry --- bittersweet tears

we had to take their nasty, dog-poundy asses more or less directly to the dog wash, of which there is an excellent do-it-yourself one in EAV that is far superior to trying to do it in the bathtub --- me  and guinnett will use that one day ---

they went crazy in mary's back yard -- omg, omg, omg, smells, smells, smells!!! --- brown dog, being a boy dog, started peeing on anything upright --- "that's why i didn't want a boy dog" --- she'll get over that

she sent me these a bit of ago --- brown dog does not look stressed, which is good

omg, they're already on the bed!


Anonymous said...

tears of joy. Thank you, thank Mary, The guys that kept them that long and the pups. OMG

Anonymous said...

love how the black pup lays the head on Mary.