30 July 2018

tumorous guinness

this big ol' honker "growth" began to grow on guinness' leg last year, but having determined it was not cancerous, and not bothering him, we left it alone until last friday --- it was just getting too big and ugly looking --- he also had a knot on his back and a weird little growth on his right front paw --- now all of those are gone, and he's got eight stitches --- but he's handling it way better than I expected, and not even needing all of the pain meds they sent home with him --- another week or so and the stitches can come out

plus the vet bill stayed in three figures


Anonymous said...

humorous Guinness in the bottom picture. Get Well furry sir.

Brian Coffey said...

Good move! Get 3 for the price of one. Well, maybe for the price of 3, but he's all fixed now. Tell him and Dex I said "Hey."