27 July 2018

ends of the world

three or four years ago, i read craig childs's house of rain: tracking a vanished civilization across the american southwest, which was an excellent read and I still think a great introduction to the anasazi, or ancestral pueblo, and the natural world in which they lived --- now he's just published  atlas of a lost world: travels in ice age america ---  he is a little much sometime, but i really like his writing and how he combines what he sees as a naturalist with archaeology and genetics and what not

gave the first plausible explanation that i've heard for why the oldest archaeological site in the americas is in southern chile --- and a wonderful travelogue along the eastern shores of the pacific

kanaan bausler made the entire trip from alaska to monte verde by kayak and bicycle, and did it in a couple of years

We have speculated that the same traits that may be selected for in individuals with a DRD4 7R allele also may predispose behaviors that are deemed inappropriate in the typical classroom setting and hence diagnosed as ADHD. In this environmental-mismatch hypothesis (Hartman 1993; Jensen et al. 1997), the DRD4 7R subset of individuals diagnosed with ADHD is assumed to have a different, evolutionarily successful behavioral strategy, rather than a disorder. It is also possible, however, that DRD4 7R, although selected for in human populations, could have deleterious effects when combined with genetic variants in other genes. (Wang et al. 2004)


Anonymous said...

what kind of deleterious effects ?

Anonymous said...

I think I gots that allele. Oh well.