14 July 2018

things and what not

to the wilds of buckhead last night for our monthly meeting of the 106 club --- purty intense building up in there --- purty people, too, but i didn't take their picture --- oh, and good food, too
this is the best car i've seen on p'tree st in a while ---
 sez "no redemption" on the back of his jacket --- hmph

 i almost never go to the monthly scott's antique show or anything like it (been there, done that kind of thing), and if i do i don't buy anything --- today i got het up to go to scotts, which brought me to this object, which i acquired for $15 and will give me pleasure in viewing and use for many years to come


Anonymous said...

truly, fantastic use for golden mean.

Anonymous said...

I like photo #1. Constructivism (literally).