01 May 2017


what a fkn ignorant man --- having him for president is like waking up with a boil on your butt every single day

Trumpian language is a thing unto itself: some manner of sophistry peppered with superlatives. It is a way of speech that defies the Reed-Kellogg sentence diagram. It is a jumble of incomplete thoughts stitched together with arrogance and ignorance.  --charles blow, today

on the other hand, the "confederate jasmine," better known as trachelospermum jasminoides and an invasive species from japan, korea, and the nether reaches of east asia, is in full flower and filling the air with the wonderful stench of spring

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Anonymous said...

And the word "confederate" is not a reference to the Confederate States of America. As some would say. It's blooming all over my porch right now.