21 March 2017

update on the orchidaceae

 the yellow oncidium has been at it since january but is fading now --- still it has the excellent habit of retaining its blossoms to more or less dry on the stem

i call this stalwart of the oncidium alliance "big urnge" --- pseudobulb, leaves, and blossoms are all large --- the first stem is around 30" long and is just starting to open --- a second stem is close behind ---

but one of the space-alien pair has two nice stems open and the other one of the pair has a nice single stem in full flower ---
the dendrobium is looking nice, but would look better if i had not broken a second stem --- the zygopetalum has two stems that may start opening next week --- 

and the white phaleonopsis that cousin mae gave me at christmas is still wonderful, three months later

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Anonymous said...

a wonderful family.