07 March 2017

a walk to west end

poor dog --- he's starting to get tired of the miles-long walks, or maybe i'm just too impatient --- he can do three or four miles, but it'll be slow miles --- today i left him at home and walked to west end

peachtree to forsyth to whitehall --- falling backwards through time through the decay of south downtown ---- four miles and an hour and a half or two or so, what with dawdling to take pictures and what not --- caught the train back only because it was threatening rain ---

the stub of alexander street, one of the oldest streets in the city
blackberries blooming first week of march ain't right

i've passed through this intersection for as long as i can remember and i'm not sure i ever noticed these stairs --- a disparity of materials in what is the head of the peters street viaduct warrants continued interaction

the fetid side of whitehall

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Anonymous said...

The Pipe corner sign is so familiar . i guess from the bus rides into town. Number 2 Fairburn. Thanks for the pictures.