19 March 2017

spring fever

another sunday morning at atl bot gdn, con robert, sans mary --- i was surprised at how little had been damaged by the late freeze, although there were some sad plants here and there

a surprise this morning was the atlanta bonsai society show, which precipitated this:  a common sight at the garden is a husband/boyfriend who had just as soon not be there, but this twenty-something guy was all about the bonsai --- had a shirt on with "bacon, beer, and bonsai" on the front --- i had to compliment him and found out that while he really liked bonsai, he couldn't really afford to buy any and besides they take so much time on a very regular basis and he was all into dirt biking right now, which didn't have all of those immediate requirements --- he will be my husband in my next life, in spite of the bacon

this is on a very large native azalea that i was sure would be ruined in last week's freeze --- but it wasn't at all

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Rathayatra said...

amazing. glad they made it through. especially the azalea. Love those natives.