10 October 2013

window rock, hopi mesas, and canyon de chelly

spent the night in gallup, which was a fairly god-forsaken place --- drove up to window rock, capital of the navajo nation --- great little memorial to the navajo code talkers at the rock itself --- otherwise, 50% unemployment, there were a lot of unhappy looking people around
the first mesa of the hopi --- tour of walpi (no photos allowed) at the top, led by a 20-something hopi dude in loosely-tied air flight shoes, blue mirrored sun glasses, an l.a. dodgers ball hat, nice accent, and he used the word "yonder" --- ironically, their culture as a whole is very conservative, even by pueblo standards

back through window rock and up hwy 12, where the rock formations were amazing (lordy, the rocks out here make you want to be a geologist so you would know what you're looking at )

and just before sunset, got to canyon de chelly --- saw a couple of anasazi ruins from above --- navajo-guided tour of the canyon floor coming up this morning

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