06 October 2010

republican values

Georgia Republicans should pay for Georgia Power’s unnecessary rate increases. The legislation (SB-31) that allows Georgia Power to charge small businesses and residential customers for electricity in advance provides exhibits A to Z of Republican core economic and political values; family values are exhibited in the Speaker suite on the right wing at Motel 6. Exempting large rate payers and leaving the burden entirely on small businesses and residential payers was the major key to passing this onerous bill. This bought off the large companies with their highly paid lobbyists, leaving small businesses and residential customers virtually unarmed against a powerful corporation.
that's from an op-ed by the state-house minority leader --- the fact that the big boys were exempted from the increase is the real kicker --- yet the stupid people of this state, and this country for that matter, continue to vote republicans into office --- all because the republicans have perfected the art of diversion, getting the yahoos all riled up about "protecting marriage" or saving america from the browns or whatever, even as everything they do protects and benefits corporations and the rich at the expense of the rest of us --- the republican party hasn't always been vile and despicable (think eisenhower and teddy roosevelt) but it sure is today

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