09 September 2019

waiting for godot

having gotten past the splitting headaches caused by the new meds, i started obsessing on a prognosis --- full physical last week with a new doc --- the last month has been a pain in the ass, all in all --- talking to the cardiologist man today for the first time since he stuck his catheter up inside my heart was very helpful --- the problem was the left anterior descending artery, there on the front of the heart  --- it's clogged up way down at the end and not worth trying to fix if the meds work the way they're supposed to --- there might be some plaque build-up in the  major arteries, but they are in  relatively decent shape --- and he's dialing back the blood-pressure meds a little --- see him again in six

now i will need something else to worry about, but god knows we got plenty of material there

and maybe look for a dog

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Rathayatra said...

good to read the report on the prognosis. Watch out kitten.