19 September 2019

ad astra

seems like a lot of my high school teachers are checking out, with "mister roy" and "miss thomas" being the latest --- leonard roy died about a month ago --- a wonderful man, known for being a sharp dresser --- and, i figured out later, one of a trio of committee  members on the faculty at headland  high school
barbara ann thomas died a couple of weeks ago --she was a feisty woman, with a reputation for throwing erasers at you if you got the answer wrong or whatever --- the only thing she ever threw at me was my final exam, and laughed, for having aced it --- a notoriously tough teacher but she made me love geometry, which was one of the only branches of mathematics for which i had any sense at all ---

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Rathayatra said...

tough teachers were best. Cool sounding Barbara, These teachers would have seemed so old, they look young now. LOL