29 July 2019

monday, monday

i miss the dog walks a lot already, especially since i now have to really make an effort to get in my steps — this morning i walked to the far end of the park and back, maybe 3 miles, but not with a lot of sniffing along the way, so it mighta done my cardio-vascular system a little good — cicadas and the creek and swamp and what not, and then two people butt fukn on a swing by the lake in front of god and everybody — i've seen some stuff, as it were, in the park over the decades, but nothing quite so brazen — a friend was interested in the physics of that action, and i said it seemed to basically depend on a wide stance and firm footing

adult beverages with angela and robert this evening weren't so salacious, although there was discussion about cutting off one's breasts in the interest of gender identity, which a cousin's young'un just did — i am glad to know that they repurposed the nipple, although i have to admit to some discomfort with the idea

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