25 July 2019

dead-dog holiday

a bittersweet holiday in the mountains, driving around 700 miles since i left the house monday morning, but most of it slow and easy — two days on the blue ridge parkway between cherokee and blowing rock was wonderful, even if the drive over the balsams was in flooding rain and fog — foggy mountains rock after all — from asheville to blowing rock was in magnificent weather, a good bit of it in temperatures in the upper 50s
i mourned guinness the entire time, but also realized that the only thing preventing my immediately finding another dog is concern for the cat — i would hate to do anything that might seriously upset his dotage

i guess the dead-dog holiday did what it was supposed to do

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Rathayatra said...

yep, Dex dotage is a concern. Oh Dex, hope we see you soon.